Hour of Slack #1583 - Rants and Music of X-Day / Live WCSB

Aug 14, 2016


First half is great rants, music and Other from 19X-Day: Rev. Nugget's nugget; some random Faux, Wei and Baby Bear; rip-snortin' guitar work by Angry Lord Larry and Lord Rock God; a heart-whacking duet by St. Andrew the Impaled and amazing singer Rev. Amy MmHmm; Stang and other Wotanners go down in The Medicine Fish Hole; and a kazoo masterpiece duet by Rev. Anna Maul and Rev. A. P. O'Stacy Fnord. When Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls at the halfway point, music from X-Day continues in the background. (Other musicians PROBABLY include Rev. Hazel of the Windmills, Dr. Shoggoth, Rev. Walter Cozmac, Rev. Sinphaltimus Exxmortis, Lord Ferg, Assmaster Fidd Chewley, Rev. Peas.) The discussion with Dave is another one of those kind that all seven Trump-admiring SubGeniuses might just want to skip, because it is meant to be extremely insulting, demeaning, and belittling.

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1 ESO 7-10-03-HoS-Intros 1 00:18
2 Rev. Nugget's Monday Night Rant with guitar by Rev. Angry Larry, Lord Rock God 02:32
3 19X-Day Thurs._Night_- Faux, Wei, Baby Bear random clip 02:49
4 Credits intro 01:30
5 St. Andrew the Impaled and Rev. Amy MmHmm - Half of the Beer 06:01
6 Rev. Faux Sunday Night Rant 1 with guitar by Rev. Angry Larry, Lord Rock God 08:57
7 Stang and Poo Water Towel (doktor jam band) - Down in the Medicine Fish Hole 04:02
8 Rev. Fnord's and Rev. Anna Maul's Kazoo Duet Masterpiece (Thurs. night 19X-Day) 01:16

9 Live WCSB 2016-08-14 30:05
X-Day music continues in background. Stang credits the various musicians. Description of X-Day band situations. Dave called too soon?

Back to music: "Bob" Stole the Song. Rev. Angry Larry and Rev. Rock God instrumental from Friday at 19XDay.

Dave calls in, the Nasal God Hunter. Reliving X-Day. Are we what God eats? Time control. Letter from a prisoner whose favorite is Dave. Dave controls the media. The media conspiracy of crazy guys screaming at you all the time about the media conspiracy. Incredible how UNFREE our first amendment is. Weird paradoxes of the "liberal controled media."
Dave's talk radio observations. Study that encapsulated media treatment across the board and found the liveral media can was actually busy making liberals look bad. WCSB as not so much liberal station as an ignored station. Advertising as the real media con, feeding off the poor old miserable walkers and talkers. Stang's costume: WALKERZ 4 TRUMP. Stang and Wei getting hearing aids, hoping to learn what we've been arguing about all these years. Stang's many broken ears. The secrets of Ear Candling; how to ear-candle a ghost. If you believe that, then vote for Trump. Dave on Trump Vs. Church of the SubGenius. If Trump is right that means he was being sarcastic. NAFTA and NAMBLA. The revised histories of Newt Gingritch. Hate of The Others especially the happy ones next door! In the name of Cripes and Criminy. Stang's dream of all the big media deliberately driving Trump completely over the edge by NOT putting him on the front page for three days straight. What might he do to get attention? How the dying senile demented Hillary somehow mind-controls all reporters and media. The Clintons founded Patagonia. It's all everybody else's fault, nothing to do with your drinking, behavior problems, vulgar low llanguage. How the girls and the sissies have oppressed the big tough men so long that the big tough men just whine and cry like girls and sissies. Emasculating! Big tough men being beaten by little old ladies with senile dementia. The insanity of giving anybody anything free - Jesus would be disgusted at free medicine, education, or fishes, or loaves. You think these fishes and loaves just come from MAGIC?!? Just a give-away to welchers. Stang can't san't stay in Mom's basement fropping all day on welfare, but only because she has no basement, therefore, Stang still has to work despite the senile dementia. The key sentence: "I DON'T CARE." Facts only confuse people. Must pull self up by bootstraps whteher you have feet or not. Give everybody two or three feet -- even a couple of inches. Can't say "She ain't got no legs." DEVO song "Auto Mowdown" - bodies with no feet and the corruptigating snakes of Youngstown. Coming to end of show. Will play first song recorded at 19X-Day: "Free Bird," SubGenius style.

10 Doktor-jam (Dr. Shoggoth, Rev. Hazel of the Windmills, Faux, Radio Mike (?) - Wed. 19X-Day - SubGenius FreeBird 02:46

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