Hour of Slack #1587 - Strange Podcrusts and The Clintonbot That Refused to Die

Live "2016"-09-11


"For one thing, there is no such thing as the Internet, and none of that stuff is real. You're imagining it, and everybody imagines something slightly different, but mostly pretty much the same. That's how They get away with it." This episode may sound a bit challenging in spots, but is rich with a vibe of Slack. We've been breaking down the recordings from the first three days of the 19X-Day Drill (actually the 21st Drill), and extracting the juicy parts from the hours of chaotic contagious creativity. Some of it sounds REALLY insane, especially the Thorazine Urine Podcrust segments and the Wotan jamming that coursed through it. Lots of new voices, too! After that, the WCSB studio half starts with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in. The was recorded on 9-11 of "2016," when the so-called "Hillary Clinton" entity accidentally revealed its true undying nature. Horrifying! -- for some people anyway. Marx vs. Stooge and WalMart vs. Target shooting wars are discussed, among other things. Heck, it's... all over the place.

SubGeniuses that Stang accidentally left out of the credits (until later) were Rev. A.P. O'Stacy, Rev. Bovver, Rev. Eggplant, and probably at least two others that we still haven't remembered.

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1 Lemur: HOS Intro #861 - Owl Attack 00:14
2 Various Drs. 4 19X-Day - "Bob" Noises- bobscrum a 01:07
3 Various Drs. 4 19X-Day - Looking at yr phone? 01:01
4 credits intro 01:31
5 Rev_Angry_Larry - Lord Rock Star-Stang Rant 2 - Monday 19X 06:36
6 Faux - Talkin to me? ! 00:19
7 Lemur - PR Gnus #1735 00:31
8 Various Drs. 4 19X-Day - BOB noises-montage bobscrum!!.output 02:19
9 Various Drs. 4 19X-Day - Rev. Nugget - Nuke Yr Cancer - Shoggoth Ukelele 02:18
10 Stang Fluid Time Rant (19X-Day, Wednesday PM) 04:23
11 Thorazine Urine Podcast - Co-Modify Yr Friends-Fidd F Word Rap 02:15
12 Rev. Daniel & Goldilocks - Politics Rant 02:48
13 Thorazine Urine Podcrust - Anna and Faux Waffle House! 02:21

14 Live WCSB 9-11-2016 30:07

Starts with "Sunshine of your peas" and extensive credits. ((I LEFT A.P. OSTACY FNORD OUT OF THE CREDITS!!!! FUCK!! I KNEW IT!!) We lost Rev. Kenny Floyd. Dave calls in with beach wax job and his vampire pills. The drug is the vampire for the insurance companies. Drive a porterhouse steak through a big pharm CEO heart. T-bone better. Lot of sickness lately - Hillary got sick on 9-11 but that THING that spoke at the DNC was a CGI fake. The real Hillary died 20 years ago - replaced by robot. The Clintonbot that refused to die. HILLARY IS ALREADY DEAD BUT CANNOT DIE! Trump is immortal too, at least his hair. And the Trumpaide is the best. The Wee Folk were for Hillary before they found out she's a robutt. Dave was muffled by foot in mouth and foreskin dangling over his eyelids. Classified! Dave's swine flu. Dave weeps for his glands in the military. Afraid of chipmunks. Stang quotes Enpsychlopaedia re: "Bob" followers. People want to be as dumb as their best hero, and when "Bob's" your hero that's a tall order - or a short order, as the case may be. "Bob's" Mood Ring. Dave's big dent in his forehead - he's "Bob's" Mood Ring! An ill prescription. Dave's two foreheads with the Double Meaning Baby Head. Dave's doppelgangers ganged up on him, but it's like a mirror scene as in Marx Bros. famous scene. Why have I not seen a Marx Bros movie in a long time? It produces an enzyme we need. Marx vs. Stooges. Wei heard Stang scream when he learned that Pat Robertson was the person who cashed in on Three Stooges syndicated TV showings. CBC owned Larry Fine's toupee! Being a libtard I live in a magical fairy tale universe where everything's clean and nice. Need wars in Topanga Canyon. War between Walmart and Target! A shootin' war! Companies are Citizens United too. Stang and Doe's handgun experience - Wei shot a clown! In the hair! Druther shoot a square in the hair. A clown could shoot another clown in a stadium of 20,000 clowns and nobody would care! Clown underwear skidmarks: Clownies. Bozo's Little Brown Brothers. What are your plans for when Trump takes over the universe. Can't get an Ark but we have a raft. DON'T BLAME ME, I VOTED FOR "BOB". Most Facebobbies will just copy the jpeg and print it out and tape it to a circle of cardboard. Stang sees the Facebobbies and RadioBobbies. "But it would be WRRRRONG!" The book REVELATION X was written by 100 monkeys channeling "Bob" directly into dot matrix printer via plugs in monkeys' brains. The background cacaphonous sounds of the Drs. Performance with Wei at 19X-Day. All of background music is 19X-Day. Should impart a vibe of Slack if not sound "good". The drum box of X-Day, and spoons. The music of X-Day; Shoggoth's electronic uke. Electronic prez candidates. The Clintonbot. "No one ever gets sick unless they're about to die! - if you want it that way." The smartypants who know how to read! Some libtards gone have their heads esplode. Deplorable? They can't deplort me! "If ANYBODY gets elected, at all, it's cause it was FIXED! There's no other way anyone would vote for ANYONE!" Greens are an important part of any Sub's diet. It's 10 oclock in Clevelandia, but "For one thing, there is no such thing as the Internet, and none of that stuff is real. You're imagining it, and everybody imagines something slightly different, but mostly pretty much the same. That's how They get away with it." Fantastic Plastics intro and Dave excrement boots. Links to xday sound only available to Subs! Dave on American Fork and Hoe.

15 Fantastic Plastics - Troublemaker 03:20

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