Hour of Slack #1588 - "It's Gonna Be a Bummer, Man"

Live "2016"-09-18


This one is strangely insane at first and then becomes strangely sane. We start with some 19X-Day live recordings of bands/ranters/podcrusts. Stang performs "The Song That Refused to Die" -- well, the first iteration of it, anyway. True to form, throughout the whole festival, that song never once died. It only simmered down a bit and disguised itself. We also hear some live Thorazine Urine Podcrust, which, like the bands, was recorded outdoors on the Wisteria stage. You can hear the owls if you listen closely over the horrible SubGenius screaming. Stang gives a little impromptu numerology lecture. Then we go live at WCSB, but Dave is late to call in, so Stang reads an ancient SubDiscordian prophecy from 1994 (found that morning in a box in the garage). When Dave calls in, the strangely sane part begins, and it's strangely not super-funny. For you see, we're starting to fret about this election thing, and the paranoid little old men who are afraid to shop at WalMart without carrying automatic weapons because there are jihadists under every bed in every kitchen. The fear that drives fairy tales and deplorables is dissected and pickled for consumption later.

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1 The Large-OCB-b1-Title 00:44
2 19X-Day, first night, first recording - Stang Needs Keys 00:56
3 Stang at 19X with Vulcan Jedi Mentat - The Song That Refused to Die PART ON 12:15
4 Lord Ferg and Fidd Hello to Viewers 00:27
5 Thorazine_Urine_Podcrust - Sample from Saturday night board recording 06:37
6 Stang Numerology Rant 06:30

7 Live WCSB 2016-09-18 31:37
Live Yak on WCSB starts with Rev. Jimmy Ryan's "Almighty." Stang does credits re: 19X-Day musicians and Podcrusters.
Stang reads "BOB IS SLACK" from 1994 Discordian/SubG zine - by Pope Aremee Kooryt III printed in The Discordian Life and Reality Examiner #1 by Rev. El-Ran Wighat(POEE). When "Bob" spake to Hercules and Sparky. (With 19X-Day jam background - Wei, Shoggoth, Maul, Cosmac, Faux etc.) from a zine found in a box in the garage from 1994.
Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in - a free man, free of not being on the phone. WHAT INTERESTING TIMES WE LIVE IN. Wei mentions that The Barking Spider tavern in Cleveland has closed - a sad thing like the Euclid Tavern. How you'll know when Stang ran out of money. Arguments with neighbors when you're a nonperson for being poor. Dave transmogrifies on cell phone satellite bounceback. How the modern times are so scary for so many ignorant and paranoid media-addicted drug-addicted pathetic. The sad story of the old man who carries an automatic weapon to WalMart. It started when his personal luck went south and now he needs more CONTROL in his life. Symptomatic of overall "Wisconsin Death Trip" - Dave recounts local political argument involving gun-brandishing Trump fan. Their lives go south and they blame it on the Other - anyone but themselves. It's a little strange how people will believe ANYTHING, but it's the Internet - contagious insanity supplementing each others' fairy tale fantasies. Stang spends more time inside the right wing bubble. Some are more afraid and need to believe in some big gun and big power, or Howard Stern or Donald Trump or Stang, when they simply chose bad lifestyles, bad habits, and now they're mad at everybody who doesn't look obese and smell like an ashtray and doesn't fly a great big flag! We're the admirables, not the deplorables. The "liberal media" contradiction. Heroin overdoses in Ohio. The poor and miserable are more empowered when they do oxy and listen to Rush and vote for Trump. The obese and the miserable, dying of laziness, unwillingness to improve their lot by looking at the stuff that makes them unconfortable, Hot vs. cool media. Stang only reads news, never uses TV "news." Spends more time in the Right Wing Bubble than the "normal" or lefty news, observing what they LEAVE OUT. Many love paranoid fairy tales. Why we don't monetize our stuff - WE HATE ADS. Used to make ads. College radio vs. Con stations. Can't even cuss. Big stations have legal staff. Orchestrating the Little Old Ladies letters to get someone off the air. Story of KNON and The Day; Dallas Hour of Slack. KNON also 89.3, Sunday nights at 9. This hasn't been a very FUNNY Hour of Slack. These paranoid times. "It's gonna be a bummer." -- "Bob" End of show.

8 Lemur - PR Gnus #1730 00:51
9 Wednesday at 19X-Day - Early Reggae-Like Jam (mostly Shoggoth and Rev. Hazel of the Windmills) 03:03
10 Dave cracks up 00:17

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