Hour of Slack #1596 - We're Gonna Need a Bigger Lie


After being psychologically knocked for a loop, we are back with ten times as many screaming heads as they tried to cut off! We had a lot of fun assembling this episode, which is actually scripted, in a funny way; it helped us to get over THE HORROR and to move on with THE BATTLE in order to win THE JOKE. For the first half hour we copped (and recut) a lot of uncredited collage work from The Puzzling Evidence Show of the previous week (election week), then called up The Lonesome Cowboy and climbed back into the saddle for another bout in the ring. (Is it possible that a boxing ring is the wrong place for a horse race? WHO CARES? Why not both?) We also copped some good lines from those tricky Scrubgenius forum posters. The Swinging Love Corpses close out this heartfelt show with their prescient song, "We Are Going to Save the Universe."

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1 Moby Dick-Mask rant 01:04

2 Moby Dick - He Rises! 00:06

3 Trumpy Frye 00:10

4 RSP - ItsTimeForTrump X 03:17

5 PE - Andrew Jackson and Trump 01:30

6 The_Word_TRUMP 02:36

7 PE - Our Glorious New Leader 00:49

8 PE - The Program banned-sad immigrant 03:00

9 Donald Trump quotes said by Zapp Brannigan 01:49

10 Media Control -Hillary's prob 05:43

11 Unknown Trump Collage 00:53

12 Ten Stupid Things Donald Trump Actually Said during Presidential Announcment Speech 01:06

13 TrumpCollage+ - XDay PE 03:23


14 Live 2016-11-13 29:02

Stang announces all the collages came from the Puzzling Evidence Show but we don't know who did each collage. HL Mencken quote from 1920. We're gonna need a bigger Big Lie. "Bob" was right. Gotta yell before we get Stockholm Syndrome. Dave on Ohio voting con. Stang on Kellyanne CON-way. Lizard Alien Hillary was gonna expose the Grey alien con so they had to install their puppet. Leaders as hand puppets fighting - Trump and Judy. Warnings in BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS (1983), Dateline for Dominance predicting Obama, Trump etc. BOOK publishing history and Dateline discrepancies with 1986 revised edition. SubGeniuses trying to look at the bright side. The Patriot Resorts and Trump Towers prison/public housing; Trump Youth who report on college radio stations for treason/terrorism. They stopped Dave from remembering that one good line he had! Dave's a Good American like Good German. "Grab 'em by the COUNTRY!" Microfossils = smaller than president's hands/voter's brains. Aryan Lite. ( cut Ary n' Sons. American Fork and Hoe.) Background music credits. Trump as Surrealist -- his real plan was to fool the rubes then BLOW THEIR MINDS! Trump's possible Surrealist laws and proclamations. Stang's list of possible Surrealist Trump laws! "Every tenth jack-in-the-box will be armed with explosives. Vaccinations by lottery. Build a wall around the Earth" etc. Some SubGs were depressed, some rioted. Trump as a blonde wigged bowling ball. Blasphemous to hate a dumb brute. Stang reads Dr. Shoggoth's rant, "Against Panic" plus reaction by GGG. (Cut Dave "Shyteheel" confusion") None of this was real, Coppertop! Stang reads Fellow Citizen Bork's comment.


15 MobyDick-Baptize the weapons 00:35

16 The Swinging Love Corpses - Save The Universe 03:44

17 Moby Dick end 00:24

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