Hour of Slack #1611 - Dr. Hal, Rev. Susie the Floozie and Rev. Angry Larry at 19X-Day, PART 2


This is the second half of the last live radio show from 19X-Day with Rev. Susie the Floozie and Rev. Angry Larry joining Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang. Topics: Why a Doug? What not to tell SubGeniuses. Rape Bears and inside jokes. "Bob's" electric hair brush. Products and children's books with poo and fart themes. Life after X-Day and how to tell which is the clone. Revenge fantasies of X-Day. Dr. Hal sings the Godzilla theme song. The story of Palmer Rockey and Scarlet Love. Great badfilms, Neal Breen. Godzilla and "Bob." The useless things that SubGenii know. The Earth Dies Screaming!

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Here comes Princes Wei with "Doug" name-tag. Facebook changed Stang's name to "Doug Smith", then Stang foolishly asked not to be called Doug. So name-tags all say Doug. Telling Subs not to do something. "Don't give a clown drugs." "Don't post pics of bears." Ursus Canola or Rape Bear. Rape Bear description - 7 years. Rape not funny; Rape Bears are. Did the bear rape Leonardo Dicaprio? SubGeniuses will slave for years on inside jokes no one else will understand. Stang's newt movie using Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. Tablets and etch-a-sketch. Never used modern stuff like hairbrushes and deodorants. "Bob's" electric hairbrush. Toothbrush use by women. For wiping? Butt paste, butt spackle. Sponsors of X-Day - Bag Balm, butt paste, Chicken Poop, Anti-Monkey-Butt, Gorilla Snot. The book "Everybody Poops" and other booger-poop kid books. Gross-flavored candies. "Dog Doo Afternoon" - SubGenius kid book. Stang's kids being raised Geek. Rev. Moderately Irritated Larry. Rev. Faux's great rants on Sunday night. Robots will do the show after X-Day. Dominate your clone -- which is the clone? Projector problems and plans. Anna Maul's projector and the Death id Okay film. Everyone covered with micros. It's raining again - normally await saucers on field but may have to wait for saucers in cafe due to rain. The Rupture speculation - the 7 condiments. X-Day MUST happen! Used up all revenge fantasies. Mrs. Darden's fate - her spelling bee error. Maybe we WERE Ruptured - the theory. Paul Freas. Hal sings Godzilla song: "Tiny tanks, tiny tanks…" Hard rock versions of TV themes. Hal does Green Acres as A Day in the Life. Hooterville and Hogan's Heroes linked! Hal does Car 54 Where Are You? PALMER ROCKEY and the movie SCARLET LOVE - Stang tells the story. Shelf movies being resurrected -- Don't Kill Yourself Before X-Day! Angry Larry on the making of MANOS HANDS OF FATE. Neal Breen - another nutty badfilm "director producer." (Look for Neal Breen on YouTube.) Inspiring episode of HoS -- SubGs and cinema criticism. Church based on monster movies. "Bob" is the ultimate monster; could beat Godzilla with pure luck. All monsters carry the swooning girl. The difference between comic and monster fans. Godzilla and "Bob". King Kong vs. Godzilla vs. MegaBob. Godzilla lights MegaBob's Pipe. Zombie Godzilla. Godzilla died in the first movie by Prof Sarazawa's oxygen destroyer. Gigantis the Fire Monster. The various Gojiras. The things Subs know versus the things they don't know. Angry Larry can fix OLD cars. One Million B.C. on the screen, Hal discusses plot problems in movie, synopsis. We are condemned to know these things. MANOS questions. Hal describes the travails of Tumak - projected on a sheet. A silent film essentially, both versions. We're watching a movie and making show, END OF SHOW URL, but world is about to end. You think you'll escape SubGenius propaganda? Can't turn it off. All the shows vs KPFA show. The whole problem - the Con starts all over again. Dibs on the Great Barrier Reef. Statue of Liberty lighter. We did another 5 minutes. The world's about to burn! 14 hours before The Earth Dies Screaming.

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