Hour of Slack #1612 - Live 3-4-17 - Fake News? Like the Bible?

59:39 broadcast; Internet version: 1:07:39

AIAIAIAIAI! All "live" on March 4 from the 9th MegaFisTemple Lodge at Stang Ranch, first with Lonesome Cowboy Dave by phone and then surprise guest caller, Dr. Philo Drummond! A few featured topics: Squirtypants. Dave as a badly opined fleshopod. Summoning the Elder Gods via radio. Kids won't use black and white 2D fire even if they're freezing. Workplace sexual harassment of Dave. Donald Trump's failed attempt at being an opera singer. Hillary Clinton has been mind-controlling Trump. Obama stole his brain. "Bob" reads my mind. Refill the swamp with rich men. Murders at X-Day. PHILO ON THE ROKU AND VIMEO SUBGENIOUS TV SHOWS AND NEW X-DAY SHORT SUBJECTS, the uncut Night of Slack footage and "Bob's" orgies. On Internet version, Stang calls Dave back and they rant for an extra 20 minutes about the fucking Pink idiots and their Mango Mussolini.

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Show open. Show open music - call Dave. Hearing the zero sound. SubGenius can't be a SquirtyPants. Here at Stang Ranch, Dave sounds like a badly oiled human fleshpod. Made of meat. You find out you were one of the AI's all along. Eyiyiyi = AIAIAIAI!Dave said the elder god names on broadcast! (Won't summon them on Internet ug radio.) Suspender animation. The last time we went to a movie in a theater was 2005. Costs $50 to see a movie and smells different now. Now we watch movies by looking in windows as we walk by people's houses. Easy to peep on neighbors but all you see is them watching TV. Quick cutting camera angles mesmerize people. The light flickers faster -- and fire flickers faster now! Fire used to be slow and black and white. Kids won't warm themselves on a 2D black and white fire even if they're freezing. We got cheated -- kids got the virtual porno and flying saucers. When those huge ladies hump on your leg -- makes Stang jealous. Poor Dave and the semi elderly fat lady at work who loves him. She's singing a love song to Dave in the background. Stang translates the Italian opera words. Meryl Streep as bad opera singer. Trump's attempt to be an opera singer, now reduced to claiming that Hillary Clinton is mooned controlling him, making him misspell things. The Rattlesnake Round-Up. Dave: You shouldn't say nonsense. If Dave had snake balls. DO YOU WANT POWAH? Dave blew chance to save his soul. You sound crazy - you should run for President! Drain the toilet! Drain the manatee swamp! Drown the whales! Paint our room Trump Soul Pink. I'm dumb and to me he's smart. We're gonna refill that swamp with Goldman Sachs bankers. A swamp of rich men. The white men are such victims - sissies and girls pick on them! Obammy stole Trump's brain and hid it under the bed! Doing the show with no pants on!Approved Cuss Words - dad burn it etc. Men from Planet X (listen to HoS!) 9 at 9 everywhere. Murders at X-Day - when "Bob" raped a car. "Bob's" been tapping my phone! Trump listens to this show, which spreads contagious dementia. Reagan was in Drs. for Wotan. Dobbs gives us 23 hours a day when we don't have to listen to show.

PHILO CALLS! Our plan to party at SXSW with big movie directors, and rub elbows with gel. Stang doesn't know how to put Dave back on. The blessing is that the show is near over. Philo on Roku OSI 74 channel with Night of Slack unseen footage with Negativland, Glassmadness. At the radio station on my dad's old table. Philo's been off the show for a month. Should we call Dave back? Philo's show on Roku and other SubGenius-like bulldadish shows. We'll tell Dave I had another heart attack! Rock star of card rehab. The heart attack gave me super powers. Would the defibrillator give me super strength? Old video on Roku shows the young Stang as Philo thinks of him. Night of Slack the high point of our career, 37 years ago. We need lots of hits. We need a new hit every 5 minutes. Link to Vimeo on subgenius.com - and the raw uncensored X-Day footage, 12 short subjects. Not as much nudity as usual. The uncontrollably x-rated stuff that happens every X-Day. CALIGULA based on "Bob's" parties. Show over.

Internet version only: Stang calls Dave back and does Membership plugs and the fossil prehistoric robot skeleton we found. Our museum and amusement park. The Snake Nest ride. Discussion of "hoisting on one's petard" -- exploits petarded people. "He's hoisted on his own petardo. I can say that now cause Trump's President! Guh-hyuk!" Knowledge and truth interferes with the new Agenda. Back to the good old days of feudal landowners -- "Go cry Snowflake!" Stang thinking about running for President on stupidity platform. That's all the kids will listen to. Would you tell me if my face was on fire? Shakespiere and sic fi. Guildenstern and Underpants are dead. Don't want to talk about bad trigger things. That giant leg humping woman is singing about Dave again. Eraserhead was based on me. Believe what ya need to believe. Tighten them blinkers. I wanna see only what I want to see. Just quit thinking. That's why I like fake news like the Bible. Must end show, recorder running out of battery.

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