Hour of Slack #1613 - “All Purpose Rerun” from 2003


Sorry we’re late with the Internet version of this episode, but we were in Austin with Dr. Philo Drummond and St. Palmer Vreedeez, representing the Church of the SubGenius at SXSW 2017. Plenty got recorded there, but not by us! There’s a documentary about the Church in the works. Meanwhile. here’s a rerun of hoary old show #897 from July, 2003. It’s not exactly Old School SubGenius, but Middle School certainly, with much classic LeMur collages, ESO Swamp Radio and Puzzling Evidence Show, plus some Bill Hicks and Weird Al along with original SubGenius music and ranting.

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HoS 897
1 REN & STIMPY HoS ID 00:22
2 LeMur: "HOS_Intro3" 00:18
3 WhatAbout Bob Warper 00:05
4 LeMur: "Praze Worthy" 00:13
5 LeMur: "The Problem" 00:14
6 credits 00:13
7 Euro X-Day London: -Pope Black Explains the Church 03:29
8 immaculata - illuminatus 01:58
9 Bill_Hicks_05 - Pro-Life Anti-Smokers 04:08
10 credit Hicks 00:22
11 LeMur: "Wales" 00:33
12 credit Lemur 00:03
13 Stang rant @ Winterstar- Stupid Bob & TV 07:09
14 "Genius In France" -Weird Al Yankovic 08:56
15 Credit Weird Al 00:07
16 LeMur: "Silly" 00:53
17 Credit LeMur 00:14
18 PuzEv-GlassMadness song 01:13
19 ESO Radio 4-18-03m-Chas's Job Lube! 02:50
20 credit ESO 00:15
21 LeMur: "Walk_on_the_Wild_Frog1 00:22
22 Puzzling Evidence Show: 4-4-03d- Heart of the Show 01:32
23 Credit KPFA 00:18
24 Rev. X- Outs- Time Control 2 (Stang & Drummond) 01:26
25 revx cred 00:09
26 LeMur: "Doggie_Devo" 00:36
27 "safety-report" - Artemia Salina 00:56
28 Cred-Artemia,now Lemur 00:13
29 LeMur: "Very Important" 00:26
30 LeMur: "We're_Not_Your_Friend" 00:33
31 Hal's Rent-a-Friend 01:24
32 Puzzling Evidence Show: 4-4-03ab - Boy Needs Therapy Open 02:08
33 ESO 5-2-03a- Gravity Waves of Flat Earth 01:54
34 Jqarto: "guatemala" 00:42
35 cred jarto 00:11
36 Puzzling Evidence Show: 7-5-02- Go 2 the Hospital! 02:04
37 ESO Radio 5-30-03m- Home Electric Chair 01:09
38 Puzzling Evidence Show: 4-4-03 The Letter pt. 2 01:11
39 ESO6-6-03-GetSlagwDon 01:49
40 Puzzling Evidence Show: Pet Idiot 00:26
41 ESO Radio 6-6-03-X-Day A Joke? -- VIRUS 02:43
42 "Face the Music" The pink Boyz 02:32
43 credit Pinks Boyz 00:12
44 Choir Stang PO Box WWW 00:28
45 ESO Radio 5-9-03b- Bursar Of Dobbstown 00:06
46 end bagpipe 00:26

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