Hour of Slack #1618 - The Atlantean Russian BBC Plot, Acid Baths, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave's New Book

Live from Strang Ranch 2017-4-16


Opens with "Slack It" by XPosed 4Heads - astounding! From their new album, "Push Me." Then new music by The Psycvho Skeletons and The Rudy Schwartz Project. But Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in, or vice versa, and Oh, what a party! Some shocking and controversial subjects are covered in depth, such as Dave's new novel NEIGHBORWORLD being published by the new SubGenius Foundation press; Stang's theories about the Russian hackers' "BBC-BBW" Internet porno propaganda intrusions exacerbating racism; The Easter Snake; ruins of Atlantis found all over Stang Ranch; children and the Illuminati; taxes and chiggers, how they interact; the beehive next to our faces; and the exact uses of The Acid Bath.

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1 Xposed 4Heads -vSlackIt 03:02
2 the Psycho Skeletons - Voluntary Slave 01:40
3 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Powerful Good Coffee 01:00
4 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Three 00:45
5 StangDoe and LLonesome Cowboy Dave, Live 4-16-2017 54:29

Credits - xposed 4heads - psycho skeletons -rudy Schwartz project - Stang has Dave's book - NEIGHBORWORLD by Dave, published by SubGenius Foundation. Stang describes proof copy to Dave. Gonna need big dictrionaries. NEIGHBORWORLD -- out in one month. "What is this book about, Dave?" Dave summarises the synopsis. Stang's review. The Bible is a book. Stang's blurbs on the back of Dave's book. Dave knew Stasng's mother before he knew her. Punctuation discussion. Open quotes vs closed quotes - 66 vs 99. 66 at both ends! If it was on purposed it was great! Stang reads 1st paragraph of NEIGHBORWORLD. Dave disclaims clamwise. Social media and depression. TURN OFF THIS SHOW YOU NINCOMPOOPS! Still in the matrix. Jogger in Florida eaten by alligator while listening to HoS on iPod. Dave is a regular William Gibson. "They don't call that typewriter paper anymore, Dad. It's called printer paper now." Dave's obsolete Rock and Roll Hall of Fame VR view. In the Hall of Technology , the stuff in the first ten feet is stuff we owned. Friom wire recorder to iPod. 4" reels. Inches instead of smegmas. We're old, and that's why people will love NEIGHBORWORLD. Dave on his book. TV brain rot vs Internet brain rot. Volition, choice? Lazy. Dave loses track; Stang's plan re THE RUSSIAN BBC AND BBW PORN PROPAGANDA BARRAGE. Russians been taking our propaganda and changing it to theirs. The VERY angry racists, destabilized by preponderance if BBC/BBW action than would normally be called for by porno market. Stang's theories about losers and racism. Racism is the excuse that losers use for being losers, but we're all losers. "Even the ugly girls would rather go out with a black guy than them," the message that makes things worse in America - makes white people jealous of black people. "Is that fair?" Those poor frustrated racists. Dave wakes up in vacuum tube. Dave on Clockwork Orange smegma talk. Smegma breeders. ALIEN SMEGMSA PIE! TAX TIME her4e - and chigger time. Chigger spring. Left Stang puckered with itchy places and taxes. Gas attacksa in Syria. Stang and Trump, same thing. Rev. Ivan Stump 2020! Stumpy and the stairway in Stumpy's Kingdom. Stumpy lives in that area of the property. The Atlantean fossils and ruins. Stang Ranch is the site of the sunken continent of Atlantis. Skull Island and Monster Hunter - the ruins are real! Would Nature know the Eye in the Pyramid? The Seal of the Illumimnati! Cyclops Pyramids everywhere! It has to be manmade! 80 million years ago. The High Atlantean culture vs the SubG Low Atlantean culture. Age 8 gradson knows about the Seal of the Illuminati. The grandkids and "Bob." Age 6 drew his first Two Face "Bob". All kids listen to Alex Jones now. Book pills and Dave's novel. I did some stimsublim before I read about the stimsublim. Dave thought he was making it up? The stuff they put in the interstices between the flicker. Other signals wedged between the dark and picture, that's quantum. Hendrix and stimsublim. The flicker rate and the interstices between the the right key aznd the wrong key, just like us. We still use the ACID BATH. Not LSD, real acid, to bring out the definition. In small increments the brain is fooled into accepting it. Burns away the crust and then you see the crenulations, striations and diato patterns… don't monkey with the acid without a background in chemistry. Expert JUST on the acid. Got a gas mask for the acid bath. The elderly mall walk mask with Michael Jackson on top and gas mask on bottom. Dave promotes childhood and childhood burns. Dave told all the cops he can remember why he can't remmber being pulled over. Now I remember, I got pulled again! Then pushed! Push me. No more pulled pork. Must whimper while The Others eat their bacon. Must eat humus. Diet rant misfired signal rants. Dave's a strapping old man. Dave described for the ladies by Stang. Looks like Palestinian Chief Dan George. Make believe fairyland inc. The sequel to Little Big Man. Jack Crabb meets LePetomaine. Crazy Dave stuff, voted for Bill and Ted. Slapped my mammy ten times. Charcoal Pit Erasers opened for DEVO. Mammy didn't like "Slap your Mammy." Stang will be seeing The DEVOs next month for the documentary. Rather work on driveway but must go to Hollywood and party with rock stars. Rock stars who are doomed for not sending in their %30. EVERYONE'S LATE. Gerry Casale's wine and he married a SubGenius. Can hve sxpud-yetis now! Night before Xmas Dave. SubGenius Eater new tradition with THE EASTER SNAKE. The huge snake skin. Whacked a snake with a weed-eater. The bee-hive where we sit and f-talk. They never stang us. Show must be turned off. NEIGHBORWORLD plug.

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