Hour of Slack #1620 - Zooming the Lume in NEIGHBORWORLD


We're back in NEIGHBORWORLD! Stang does some read-ranting from Dr. Onan Canobite's new book OVO 21 - TERMINALIA, and from Lonesome Cowboy Dave's novel NEIGHBORWORLD (with the Cowboy himself engaged by phone!). But first there is music, all new, by XPosed 4Heads, Rev. Bern Brijis, and The Rudy Schwartz Project. Following an obituary for Doug Smith, Lonesome Cowboy Dave joins Princess Wei and Rev. Stang at Stang Ranch for conversation ranging from the lofty to the base on subjects both pertinent and impertinent.

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1 Avalon Homestead spot 1 01:19
2 Xposed 4Heads - Slack It Bumper 3 00:29
3 Xposed 4Heads - System Overload 03:45
4 Avalon Homestead promo 2 01:10
5 Rev. Bern Brijis - JR "Bob" Dobbs 01:49
6 Doug Smith dead at 81 01:22
7 Avalon Homestead commercial 3 00:59
8 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Oriental Illusions 02:33
9 Stang - reading Onan Canobite rant from OVO 21 and excerpt from NEIGHBORWORLD 10:09
10 Live 2 - LCDave 35:12

Stang does credits - RSP, Bern Brijis, (ManDee,) Xposed 4Heads.
Stang reads from Dr. Onan Canobite's OVO 21 - TERMINALIA - Onan and print-on-demand publishing - rant "SOPHISTICATION" excerpts. "Good Guys and Bad Guys" versus truth, hypocrisy re: Muslims versus p.c. Onan address Box 2321 Portland Or 97208 or google around for Trevor Blake.

Stang reads excerpt from NEIGHBORWORLD by Lonesome Cowboy Dave - Standard driving his emag and musing about Neighbors and Neighborworld.

Paragraph from Neighborworld about what year it is - 2037 - time measured in TV Seasons.

Stang and Wei call Dave and stall while he adjusts his butt or something. Neighborworld will be taught in high schools while kids zoom the lume. Dave is there for us. Life is grim and dim without Dave. Back to Cleveland soon - got to wear Bund haircut to get through the border walls between Kentucky, Tenn, Arkansas - they search your car, your pee - Davebillies. Pennsyltucky. The border walls made of old shoes; some just plow through. Make America goat again. Closing the plasma schools. For Hydropack injections you have to bribe an official at the Indiana border. The clergy are the police now that every officer is an ordained Christian minister. Wei's huge salivary glands. If we could sell dog drool we'd be rich. Homeopathic dog infusion -- milk the drool of the dog on hot days and sell it to survivalists and new age suckers. Celebrity Snot for sale online - Cher, Barbara Streisand, Clint Eastwood - their drool is expensive.
Rev. Bleepo Abernathy just worked with what's left of The Firesign Theater with Phil Proctor in L.A. Actual discussion of The Firesign Theatre and their influence on SubGenius radio (and Monty Python). Goon Show. Stang's first hearing of Firesign at age 15 - "This must be what being stoned is like." Dave's NEIGHBORWORLD -- Stang reads some more, the description of Nogo Bogo. Crazy Dave rant. "You can drink too much?" Proofreading Neighborworld - Nogo's rant disdaining Neighbors as amoebae. It's a weird book about The Weirds, who are weirding out the System. Need hair to have a haircut. The chiggers are growing up, like our President, except chiggers can learn. Not supposed to criticize Mango Mussolini. His "standing only crowds." "Yet he's our President." Reagan used to jam with Philo and "Bob." Will there be a better world ever, even in Avalon? Sure, when the squids -- tree squids become squibbons, evolve tool using 20 million years from now. Head-foot cephalopods. Mollusks in general are blobby - butt, mouth, eye all one organ and so tasty! Lake Erie fish, quaahogs. Canadians allowed to fish and we aren't - fish see the line underwater. Trump will fix those fissures in the Canada wall. "They don't talk good. They don't write good." Dave used to listen to Canadian radio as a kid. Stang's day in Toronto and expensive smokes. Bleemie. The new show format - music then blather. New Dave songs - do quick version first! Back at WCSB soon - our mics are on pot holders at Tarzan's. Stang County - Stangs been here since before the Spaniards - first Neanderthal colonists of Texas, came over in 1300! Evidence of hunters slaying mammoths in CA 130,000 years ago! Only Alien Transfer can explain it! Sparkplugs of the Gods found in 180 million year old rocks. Pyramid builders were paid! Ate well! Firesign Theatre quote. We could croak any time so we have to publish ourselves!

((Background music: Score of ARRIVAL))

11 Avalon-Homestead ad 4 01:04

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