Hour of Slack #1624 - "BOB" NEEDS WOMEN - NASTY WOMEN!


Live 5-28-2017; first time back at WCSB in seven months. Every orgasmic scream is a prayer to Connie! Finally having a President to hate again! These are the subjects of tonight's in-depth, incisive coverage of yesterday and tomorrow's events -- TODAY! It's Time Control all the way down, with opening world premiere (or not) songs and wrecks by The Mothers of Invention, Xposed 4Heads, The Rudy Schwartz Project, The "PsySkels," Rev. Bern Brijis, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave's NEW SONG, "Dasvidaniya, Comrade Trump"! Stang also reads the rant-letter "DEAR HUMANS" from The Good Reverend Roger. Then the lines are open and not only does Dave call in, but also Princess Wei and Dammett the SubGenius Wonder Hound! This was an episode of many firsts, including Dr. Sinister taking the place of Wei in the studio due to weather and canine autism. This episode allows a sneak peeks at numerous SubGenius formerly secret projects.

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1 Xposed 4Heads - Slack It Bumper4 00:21
2 Rev. Du8 - Steaming Sack of Slack 8 01:00
3 Rev. Bern Brijis - diff'rent strokes 00:55
4 Xposed 4Heads - Fly in The Ointment 05:45
5 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Rejoice Comrades! There is Cabbage Today! 02:28
6 Lonesome Cowboy Dave - Dasvidaniya Comrade Trump 03:10
7 The Mothers of Invention - It Can't Happen Here 03:54
8 Stang, Doe, Dave, Dr. Sinister -Live WCSB 2017-05-28 37:14
Stang does credits - "Rejoice Comrades! We Have Cabbage Today!" by RSP - "Different Strokes" by Rev. Bern Brijis etc

Stang reads DEAR HUMANS rant by The Good Rev. Roger
(bg music: Reign of Fire s/t)

Dr. Sinister is in studio. First time in studio for 7 mo. First without Wei - watching Dammett the hound dog. The gods of thunder scare him. Wei calls in. Dogs and thunder god Wotan. When Dammett heard Stang on radio he reacted! First time w/ hearing aids, without Wei, with stent in heart and weighing only 158 pounds. Heart attack caused Stang to become athletic. Stang shows copy of Dave's book NEIGHBORWORLD to Dr. Sinister, raves about it. Reading as book vs. on a screen. A page turner! Jimmy Page/Tina Turner/Bob Keesham band. Dave fell asleep outside time? Dave and Hal fall asleep during show. History of Puzzling Evidence show. Thanks to Dr. Sinister. Dr. Sinister's baby human diet. Sinister on using all parts of animal - the fat of unbaptized babies which give power of flight - then Mormons baptized dead babies, retroactively deactivating the non-Christioan baby fat oil - and troll hunting -- Can trolls smell Mormon blood? Stang got cold from plane ride to L.A. to party with rock stars. Gerry Casale of DEVO and Matt Groening helped with the documentary movie that the Connieites are making. Stang explains the experienced filmmakers in Austin, who happen to be mostly dames. Previous filmers of X-Days. 3D and smellovision made it worse. Dave calls in. Stang learns from Sinister how to work the board, gets Wei back. First time TWO CALLERS!! Dave's new Trump song. Stang's Homungifier -- we used hollow logs where I grew up. Smoking grapevines -- we smoked old tires, shoes, trailer parks, banana peels, corn silk. I wanna get cancer like my parents! Salvia hadn't been invented. Patron saint of television was St. Clair. The problem with praying. Every orgasmic scream is a prayer to Connie. Stinks and growths. Those were the Daves. The Daves that were carved off the Church body and sold to the highest bidder. The shelved Daves like Janor. Breakthinking and nonthink. Buddhists pay extra for that. Hitting self with rubber mallet vs. dope, beer, TV, porn or a ball peen hammer. Ball peen hammer is more specific - take out math or emotions or whatever. First time in station since election. Trump has always been President. Finally having a President to hate Again. Nixon, Bushes, Reagan, were Einstein Olympic Athletes compared to Trump. Anyone compared to Trumpkin is a beautiful athletic super-genius. Trump doesn't believe in exercise. Limited sperm and energy. Trump fattest since Taft. He DOES represent his voters. He looks like many of them, talks and writes like them. Bush a fake Texan? To sound like the Republican voters. Wei now says ya'll. Ya'll vs. yens and youse. All Southern places are the same accent, even up North. We got used to being in neighborhoods that were opposite in EVERY WAY. When a lovable SubG moves to Texas an angel loses its wings. X-Day this year -- if you go to Wisteria you might be in a major documentary. Skyclad brownshirts. In three minutes must end show with music - Psycho Skeletons - "Drums in a Hurricane" - "BOB" NEEDS WOMEN - NASTY WOMEN. Could die and become normal. Preparing for shows. Stang's grandpappy the Poon Pappy. 35 years of Hour of Slack. Coming events.

9 The Psycho Skeletons - Drum Kit in a Hurricane 02:19
10 The Mothers of Invention - Help I'm a Rock Part 1 02:06

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