Hour of Slack #1625 - "I'm Not a Rebel, I'm Just an Idiot"


That's our favorite quote by Rev. Argus Faux, who is not in this show! It starts with new music by The Rudy Schwartz Project, Xposed 4Heads, The Psycho Skeletons and Rev. Jimmy Ryan, with two very early Mothers of Invention classics. Then it's live Show with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in. We will admit that one thing that makes this episode different from most is that Rev. Stang was a bit tipsy, having come to the show from a memorial service that went a little longer and involved a bit more wine than Rev. Stang is used to. In fact it's the first time in decades that Stang has done a show while under the influence of anything! (Well, except for X-Day Drills maybe.) Dave claimed he thought Stang was unusually lively and organized, but that was an illusion.

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1 Lemur: HOS_IntroF 00:16
2 Mothers of Invention - Who Are The Brain Police 03:33
3 Xposed 4Heads - UrgencySquad 03:51
4 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Participation in the Bunga Bunga 03:21
5 Jimmy Ryan 28 Grace 01:07
6 Mothers of Invention - Help I'm a Rock 2 02:36
7 the Psycho Skeletons - Shower Scene 1 02:56
8 Wcsb live 2017-06-03 41:06
Stang does credits re: Psycho Skels, Zappa, Rev. Jimmy Ryan, Rudy Schwartz Project, Xposed 4Heads, DEVOtional in July in Cleveland. Stang names the first 5 rock and roll albums he bought in the late 1960s. Cyberchump background music credit. Went to a memorial service of a family member, which was sobering, but there was wine. Stang readies to read Lonesome Cowboy Dave's NEIGHBORWORLD, for lit section, not "sci fi," like Neal Stevenson, Mark Twain, Jonathan Swift, Kurt Vonnegut. We're print-on-demand publishers now. Dave calls in.Dave's smart quotes. The listeners need modern science and Dave. FIX THEM NOW! Stang gets after Dave about the proofreading. All the things we could been doing tonight instead of this stupid show. They're just gonna have to read Dave's novel to zoom the lume. Dave too close to his book. I wrote the most brilliant things but they seem stupid to me. I love your stuff even though I know what a lonesome cowboy you are; but your stuff is transcends our world. Some people are so demented that they believe X-Day is coming in their pants. It IS elevating and inspiring and they SHOULD pay attention to it, Why don't you charge more for X-day admission price? My alter ego learned how to steal from the Internet. "I'm not a rebel, I'm just an idiot." - Rev. Argus Faux. Dave on the Confederate flag wavers in Ashtabula, who have guns and are scary. Proving to the world that they're REALLY MAD at a world where white people don't get special consideration any more! Even women get to be superheroes! We manly white men are so picked on! Said as a southern white man who continued his education, and the rest of these people are a bunch of jerks and they should read NEIGHBORWORLD! Stang reads from NEIGHBORWORLD. Dave describes one third of our audience. Stang raves about the novel. No monsters, no explosions, but it's the future. The world of Selfie-mania. ROAD WARRIOR quote re: "Everyone had their own show." We're on old-style broadcast radio, but anybody can do a podcast. Broadcast is different because car radio! So praise "Bob"! When there were only 10 radio stations and tv stations, they worked harder! They really tried to tell the truth! All you have to do to have a show now is turn your phone around and push the red button. People most want to hear what they most wanted to hear. No matter how stupid and wrong what you want to hear may be, you can hear it in your echo chamber. Wield and weave wend our visions of the future thanks to college radio. If you're not on Faux news it's not real. Nobody polled Dave. They polled Stang - they made Stang sit upon the pole for $2.50/hour. Spent first half of life being polled for money. Kathy Griffith Bongo Longo Mango Bikini head launching. We launched heads in 1980. It's OKAY of a rednecks says LYNCH OBAMA but it's terrible if a woman holds a pic of a NY real estate builder. The Bleeding Head of Arrnold Palmer. Lee Harvey Oswald OH PLEAASE! Lifting scrotums and launching heads -- seems fantastically contrived by committee of Republicans -- Stang impression of Republican bullshit. Us libtards might occasionally do something tasteless so you better melt like a little snowflake about that!!" Minds destroyed for lack of knowledge and Stang's dedication to souless hard hard cold science. Dave on Canadians -- Stang has to defend Canadians from Dave. "Canadian soldiers" = mayflies. Chiggers as an awkward insect name disease. Be tolerant of the bloodthirsty people of Canadia. Muslims vs. Canadians. Dave on Birth of a Nation. 100 years ago they wanted us to be MAD! Nothing changed. Wow, they really ARE censoring books and burning books and putting people in jail for 20 year for holding a protest sign. The patriotic lady and the flag burner. It's illegal to have opinions in America today. No longer LEGAL to be a COMMIE unless you're WHITE. Stang such a sap, thought racism was diminishing. Obama's administration wised me up. Overestimated the intelligence of my fellow redneck Caucasians. "Bob" predicted this idiotic Neanderthal approach to race, science, religion, close show. Ad for X-Day!
9 X-Day Ad w-music 2 01:48

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