Hour of Slack #1632 - Dr. Hal and Rev. Susie the Floozie


Recorded at 20X-Day Drill (first day, second hour) with Dr. Hal, Rev. Susie the Floozie, Rev. Mother Doctor Miller, and Rev. Ivan Stang, and it’s all talk. However there is a nice glimpse of behind-the-scenes excitement at the campground setting, as Stang is informed of a SubGenius Kook interloper trying to invade the event, gets a bit steamed up about it, and has to leave Tarzan’s Radio Station in the hands of his co-hosts, who are unfamiliar with it. (Notice that it is Mother Miller who figures out the “ON” button.) While there is some good spontaneous ranting, much of this particular episode involves Church of the SubGenius “real-life” history and gossip, and the sex lives of lizards. NOTE: As the 20X-Day week proceeded, the old-timers like Dr. Hal and Stang did less and less at Tarzan’s, while younger podcrusters did more and more, which you will be hearing on future shows in abundance.

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Susie enters w 3rd eye glasses. Stang gets excited changing mics. Spit guards on Mr. Microphone. The Crazy Zoo Top Farty Radio vs. “Bob” and sluice gates goonami. Susie’s fan; Stang tells of plane landing in bad weather that caused vibrations, so Stang checked to see if lady next to him would have wave-form ripple. Hal offers Susie headphones. Conan background music and current politicians. Susie like Trump one of the orange Colored People. Susie’s hair. Getting old, don’t like bawdy language in mixed company. “No shit?” The film ladies and Susie, who can’t be pigeonholed but maybe play corn hole. Used to be okay to say “sucks.” Then “ass.” They took the filth away from our filthy words. FEITCTAJ and prurience. Now that it’s okay to talk dirty we don’t want to. Say PC things only, like “Evolution is just a theory.” Background level of offense is far too fuckin’ high. Cultural appropriation - guilty until proven innocent. French deconstructionism and the Con. Hal vs. frogs. Ad with bored Frenchman. What’s with Franco-American? Chef Boy-Ar-Dee. The Black Iron Prison and the Conspiracy. They already got Stang but he escaped. Hal’s Hollywood story as Warm-Up Guy for studio audience. “Gotta help yourself first.” SubGenius Foundation is publishing books again — NEIGHBORWORLD, “EYELASH,” “AGENT AND MISTER DOBBS” then our out of print SubGenius books, ancient Stark Fist mags. Proofreading Dave’s book and print-on-demand. Tons of unseen old stuff to publish. Philo Drummond now an artist tutored by KRK Ryden. DEVOtional on July 28 - never saw so many people with glasses on in one room. Soon we’ll restore Earth to its original state — before multicellular creatures or an atmosphere. iFarts. Stang’s hearing aids — been reading lips for 15 years, and guessing. Having nut attacks — can’t have a heart and work for Dobbs. Heartless Stang feeling so much more Slackful. Should become a Republican — FUCK everybody else! Republican Subs are in the minority. Main purpose of SubG groups is to lift the spirits, and use gofundme to save each others’ asses. Want to make pagans and Christians look bad by comparison. How do Pagans Pay? Susie’s mom and Stang’s Pappy might meet in Heaven. “But isn’t the Bible a BOOK? I know where books come from.” Believe “Bob’s” bullshit. Where milk comes from. Once in supermarket asked what’s the dif between lamb and calf? “What’s a sheep?” People who hate Sesame Street. /Ferg calls stand away - Susie and Hal eat Turkish Delights and cubical wombat feces. Sites featuring girls cuddling with wombats. Strange pets like dikdik. / Stang tells of SubGenius kook who drove to X-Day and was turned away at the gate because, AS HE ALREADY KNEW, he was banned — story of the crazy guy’s personal threats against Stang. Legume arrives, mentions F_______ by name - “crazy as “shit”. Hal tries to paint it in better light. Fart piano experiments. Rev. Mother Miller arrives and joins in. Susie story about the rolling clams and her various lizards especially Sudan Plated. Her adopted anole missing a hind foot. Susie on lizard hemipenes, horror story about hot rock. They have two willies but don’t use both at same time. Randy roasted off one Dick. Lizards laugh at pain. Amazing Susie story. The sea cucumber’s gut-away. Petrified dinosaur penises? The ovipositor on the female sauropod. Hal on Wei’s 37 year old newt. The asshole at the gate. The stinging of wasps. Hal wants music, gets Rev Mother Dr. Miller on mic. Calorie-free Turkish Delights. Rev. Frogtoes from North Dakota and Amber So Far join the conversation. Beau joins the conversation. Excremeditation and productive meetings. No music without Rev. Stang. Awkward. Re. Mo Miller gets the music running by pushing the power button. Hal and Miller on pecking order of Yetisyn. X-Day speculation! Nice Hal rant on SubGenius. Stang is back after the interloper.

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