Hour of Slack #1633 - Pufferdome Rant 2017


A fine short burst of madness from Dr. Cozmac is followed by a brand new Dr. Hal song! Then for about 15 the conversation from 20X-Day Drill between Dr. Hal and Rev. Mother Miller continues. (We're saving some of that for later.) The second half of the episode is the uncut recording of Rev. Stang preaching a somewhat impromptu sermon at Starwood 2017 in the Pufferdome, a huge inflatable dome with strange acoustic qualities. Mayan Ruins provided musical accompaniment and Waking Dream filled the dome with projections, but you can't see those on the radio. The Pufferdome rant was meant to be timely and also the tease for the longer Starwood Main Stage sermon the next day, which we will play next week before we get back to the dozens of hours recorded at 20X-Day with a cast of at least ten. This episode ends with a song about dogs by The Rainmakers, from a late 2016 live performance -- because part of Stang's Pufferdome rant includes the story of Dammett the hound dog's travails during Starwood and X-Day.

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1 a little more is too much 00:11
2 Dr. Hal - I AM A SUBGENIUS 01:20
3 Stang Explains Show 01:37
4 HalfHos-B-C-Hal and Miller on AntBrain-Ibyn-Monsters-Guns! 15:24
5 credit Hal-Miller to Pufferdom 00:11
6 Stang Pufferdom Rant 2017 36:22
7 The Rainmakers - Like Dogs (Kansas City 2016) X 04:24
8 credit Rainmakers 00:14
9 HalfHos-G- End 00:51


Describe an ant's brain - Myrmidons, half ant-human warriors - Paradise Lost, Gryphon - Wyverns = a dragon - Stangor vs Wyverns - Hal on Werewolves - Ibn Batutta the Islamic traveler, like Marco Polo - The Indian Rope trick - the Roc - Popeye - The Giant ClAW - producers and pee marks. Hal on Irwin Allen, other crappy AIP - Famous Monsters had to praise utter crap or the studios wouldn't help. Castle of Frankenstein and Hal.

Recorder has been on for 2 hours 15 minutes. Came back from meeting with Legume with a suitcase full of guns.

Change of mood to funny but not funny times. Will bum you on Saturday - will bum some snowflake. Reads the comedy news - Praise "Bob" - the graphics that started as LSD scribbles. Ken Hamm: the reason the Creationist Museum in Kentucky failed "was because of the prayers of atheists." THE PRAYERS OF ATHEISTS!!! Other news: Tennessee allowing Religious Freedom license plates including "NO PROB WITH BOB." We're not trying to save people -- joke cult! History of New Age growing from joke pamphlets. So we have built-in trap doors so you won't believe the wrong things which is ANY OF IT. Our stuff more believable serious cult and our most ridiculous prophecies came true! Not our fault! "Don't Blame Me I Voted for "Bob" - these colors don't run. On Saturday I'll be crude and un-PC and insulted. This year our most pessimistic notions turned out to be laughably optimistic. Anathem novel where science has been outlawed - just a clown junior scientist, but they've started to outlaw science this year all Forbidden Sciences. Listened to 1984 audio book - now outdated documentary. Talk about DOGS! Their kind isn't allowed here, or droids. BUT ANYONE COULD BE A DROID! The story of Dammett the hound dog. Stang worked in the mainstream media - they're competing to do REAL news. How do you know the person next to you isn't a droid? How Starwood started, wasn't always mainly pagan. Communication is important so I have lots of republican friends. Not in the libtard bubble but the right wing one. Starwood transforms dogs! Dammett story - at Charlene's he's had to live in a B&B with CATS! First he was crazy to kill them. How cool the cats were - how Sam made Dammett his "little bitch". Trying train Dammett. During X-Day it drove him nuts but at Starwood he acted like we wanted to make friends with them! Maybe when Starwood is over we'll all lay down together! Church of All Worlds. But Internet people are more interested in anger than communication. Better to tell a person they're an idiot face to face than on the Internet because you'd be more polite. If I do my job right tomorrow someone will punch in the nose. Thanks to Nostrils for Starwood; we've lost a lot of important people. I can only handle one bizarre religious cult. We're selling the truth because we sold out of lies. Mayan Ruins credit. The beats lived in a rough time but that time might be returning. Think of those Jews in 1939. End of show.

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