Hour of Slack #1638 - Inside Jokes for the Nerdiest Nerds

Live 2017-09-03


Music includes two Rainmakers, two Dr. Faux and the Right Angles, one DK Jones, and one Xposed 4Heads. The rest of this episode is live SubGenius gossip and delivered knowledge from the called ministers of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, those being Rev. Ivan Stang, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave, broadcast from WCSB Cleveland on Sunday night, Sept. 3, "2017." Dave was especially off the hook, mental mash-up-wise. Everything was covered thoroughly. No summation possible.

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1 GREAT Hal intro from old X-Day 03:11
2 The Rainmakers - Turpentine 03:17
3 DK Jones - Dead Cat On The Line 02:28
4 XPOSED 4HEADS - Humans Are OK 03:33
5 Dr. Faux and the Right Angles - Give Me Your Keys 02:23
6 The Rainmakers - Miserable 02:49
7 WCSB Live 2017-9-3 39:43

Stang gives credits. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in. He is somewhat more off the hook than usual. Married to a snail. Stang and Dave's pet leeches. Most species are parasites. Scrambled Dave Brain does a mash-up. When people try to call in it proves they don't listen to the show. The insipidity of the callers to Hour of Slack when we allowed callers. Getting Toto back to Kansas. Muslimes already inflicted Sharia aLaw on Oklahome; Obama took all the guns; Hilary molested children in a pizza parlor. Fake news like the Bible. Dave and the people with big ears at DragonCon that confused him. Stang on DragonCon, storm trooper parades. Movies acclimate people to coming monsters and aliens. Softening us up. Stang's new video game Big Game Hunter makes him SICK, having to kill animals. Wei toasts marshmallows. When Stang got too into the games and got bitten in half. Dave speaks for most Americans. Rattlesnakes and jackelopes in scuba masks. We have to move much more of SubGenius archives to the Texas ranch and get Menonites to raise a barn. If people are looking to us for advice they deserve what they get. But they're trying to get Slack sand forget their job and it and him and her and down there. People hooked on Facebook and news are so scared and nervous. The opening of the 35 old paint cans. Doctor Dave will tell you if your face is on fire. Drs. for Wotan song; Dammett song. My heart itches, would you scratch it? Hold it while I run water through it. Lick some Abstruso and Obscuro. Inside Jokes for the Nerdiest Nerds. Dave's clenched bowels. Ohio fossil parks on the way to Texas. Anything that ticks off smart people makes Trump supporters real happy. Everything upside down - Stang does Gamergate impression. Everything is ipswiched. The Eclipse -- we think Legume sort of broke it. "Bob's" luck. The SubGenius "sell it to the rubes" lines. "Bob" sucks because he's a vacuum cleaner! A Red devil! A Shark! A J. Edgar, he SUCKS! People born after 2001 don't know what things are -- honor, truth, wisdom, film, knowledge -- that's just old stuff to them. Fake news. Smells like Gramp's pipe or Mom's ashtray. Weird Dave monolog. Stang sign-off.

8 Dr. Faux and the Right Angles - Greg the Stop Sign 03:00

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