Hour of Slack #1640 - Bonus Free Hour!

Live SECOND SHOW 2017-09-10


Dr. Sinister's Synesthesiamobile got rear-ended and he couldn't make it to the WCSB station, so we filled in for him with an EXTRA Hour of Slack! Played some old but rebooted Dr. Bizarro and the Disgustos (recently remixed on CD), some Amino Acids from 20X-Day, some Faux-band, and a rare recording of Lenny Bruce doing a live show at a club, spiced up by a heckler. The middle of the show has Lonesome Cowboy Dave and studio hosts StangDoe expounding about, among other things, the pros and cons of expounderment, and the hazards of chicken bone shards vis-a-vis dog throats. Stang reads the orgy scene from NEIGHBORWORLD!

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1 Stang Opens - Dr. Sinister's car was wrecked so Stang is doing Radio Synesthesia 02:31
2 Dr. Bizarro and the Disgustos - March of the Normals 04:32
3 Muddy Waters and Johnny Winter - Champagne & Reefer 04:31
4 Dr. Bizarro and the Disgustos - Im So Dumb 02:59
5 Live WCSB Sept. 10 Second Show 1640 27:19

Stang gives credits. For seven minutes Stang reads from Dave's NEIGHBORWORLD - the orgy scene! Then Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in; Lenny Bruce discussed; shanty dancing of whale pirates. Dammett is a Chicken-Bone Pirate. The sorrow of chicken bone shard injuries in dogs' throats. Sore losers and Russian pee pee parties. First the spray and then we try to sell them a hotel. Bad transition to Trump routine. Expressing the Oral Gland so as to not taint the meat. Cat pus in the eye; crazy talk. Dave can squirt but not squint. The Man Who Can't Drool. Johnny Weissmuller in the nursing home. Our 40 year old newt. Mountain of quartz and Ohio Rocks. Discovering the Facebook pages of the HATERS of the Northern Ohio Rocks Facebook page. The Net so filled with bored haters, they hate even the most boring innocuous lame sites! The comments that follow the articles about the hurricanes and the kookery of extremists; the making of sense. Intro to old Lenny Bruce material. The problem with listening to other stand-up philosophizers.

6 Lenny Bruce - Monster Routine With Hecklers copy 10:12
7 Dr. Faux and the Right Angles - Ballad of Billie Mays 04:13
8 The Amino Acids at 20X w Stang creds 01:47
9 The Amino Acids 20X-Day Miserlou-other song 02:10

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