Hour of Slack #1866 - Dr. Philo Drummond Live at Stang Ranch

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PROOF that the Sacred Scribe, the OverMan, and the The SubGenius Foundation chief officers in general are still alive and well, almost like “Bob” himself! On Jan. 18 “2022,” on his way to do some consulting at an arms conference, Dr. Philo Drummond himself choppered in to the helipad at Stang Ranch to do some Show recording with Rev. Stang and Princess Wei ‘R’ Doe in Tarzan’s Radio Station at Fossil House. As planned, the supernatural Blessings of Dobbs, a few goat rides, and some great Mexican food at Los Primos drove the old Doktors into Spouting mode, resulting in this hour of pure revealed wisdom and divine trivia.

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1 LeMur -HOS_Intro809 00:29

Stang and Wei welcome Philo. The mainstream of the backside of reality. Hal falls asleep when his nose touches the mic windscreen. Stang tries it and falls asleep. It's obviously not 2022. The 8661 theory, meaning the can't end before X-Day. The Xian sub=end-of-the-world. Some won't make it to 8,661. The Red Heifer has to be born, and the Black Yeti, who has the biggest... feet.Big feet means big shoes -- a Lawrence Fishburne quote as Cowboy Bob in Pee Wee's Playhouse. Fishburne also played a skinny kid in Apocalypse Now. How can a pock-faced old fat guy play that skinny 18 year old? Jeff Goldblum as a teen in Death Wish 2... the most nervous bad guy. Automatic volume control. BG music: French swing that St. Byron Werner collected. Speaking of music, NOW THIS!


That was a great tune but we can't play it on the radio cause it's so dirty. The purple heart on his pants. Swinging Love Corpses preceded Spinal Tap, Stang's concert plan: Tenacious D, A Mighty Wind, Spinal Tap, SLC and finally Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush. SLC drummer Mojo "Skippy" Butcher always demanded his solo, during which the rest of the band would read newspapers on stage. The 10 minute song ending. The Outlaws had an endless ending too. SLC was visually interesting, with the hippie wigs and rag merchant clothes. Couldn't take the wigs off; audience would know they really looked like xerox repairmen, cable guys and Yellow Pages salesmen. Actually bald under the wigs. Stang is both bald and long-haired. Horny divorces who like Stang from behind, until he turns around. The dogs come around -- Chupacabra... Skeptic Enquirer... RAW was skeptical of skepticism. His MaybeLogic = Why Not Both. We just agree differently. Description of the secret newsgroup of the elite secret five controllers of the Universe. See my semen maker? Edit out where I sounded dumb. Just turn it backwards like the station phone numbers. Why Stang has to hide the phone-in numbers from other stations. Stang gives his phone number -- CALL US NOW! "Stang I didn't know how to get hold of you." Nobody ever calls but Bernard the psycho. The PO Box -- not quite 808 but 807. Mail won't come to the compound. The guy with PO Box 808 in Glen Rose - and how he'd react if Stang asked him to swap. Philo's good Texas accent. The various Texas accents. Drummond's voice timbre, and Wei's. Stang can understand Wei and Philo but not Hal or most people. Differently-hearinged. Stang's grandsons were deafened by Grampa's TV. "Those poor sons of your daughter." These Zombies these days... they don't TRY! -- can't do Janor lines. We'd owe him a million more dollars. Media barrage tapes vs. CD sales. The Church is hitting its stride, Philo lies. Sandy Boone's movie -- no DVD coming. "Dad, you're the last person I know who's using optical media." We're using offline media. Stang's workshop about post-Internet, post-Apocalypse data entry: pencil, paper. And the secret cipher code called cursive, like the Constitution is written in. When Trump had to read his paragraph of the Constitution for a recording, and he was like Colonel Sanders. The Orson Welles green peas outakes tape. Celebrities at Their Worst. John Wayne drunk, etc. The gaffes of George W. Bush and Biden -- the way people actually talk. You can cherry-pick all kinds of sttters and mispoken sentences. If it's somebody you don't like it's senility; if it's somebody you like, Hey anybody can make a mistake. The ALGORITHMS are REAL. Stephenson's novel FALL, the movie Social Dilemma. You click on what enflames you. Next gen will track eye movements. To post, you'll just blink. The phone will automatically say what it thinks you'd say for you. Our iPhones started making these little movies based on our keystrokes and photo collection. Philo's long beard made him look like a farmer. Which he is. Stang is a rancher of dogs and cats. Livestock sleeping in your bed with you. The story of Big Red, the stuffed goat head on the Fossil House wll... formerly the Stang's first PET goat, which became a rapist of other ranchers' goats and had to be killed. And stuffed. Pappy shot the big horn sheep, the bear and the jackelope. Stang hunts avidly, but with a camera. The Big Year with Jack Black and Steve Martin as bird watchers. The toy saucers and decorations of Tarzan's Radio Station -- the eerie noise making toy spaceship that Cosmik Laila sent us. Stang describes the decor of the Stang house (classic Western and Bulldada). The giant Dobbsheads and all the skulls, and the bust of Pappy that looks like L. Ron Hubbard. Maybe Pappy WAS L. Ron Hubbard. That whole Naval Reserve thing was probably a ruse for going to The Yacht to run Scientology. Pappy was also a Mason, Bible teacher and atheist. "Don't you be downstroking m'Jesus now." Funny rants on the Bible and why you don't know John 3:16. John 4:20 "For they are as morons and DIPSHITS." Oh no we cussed. Remember Safe Harbor and driving to a real radio station inside a building? We miss Charleston and Dr. Sinister. Sinister quit doing his show. Puzzling Evidence and Stang CAN'T quit. Reruns and having to cut those who have been Unpersoned. So many SubG radio shows: Puzzling Evidence since 1982. Philo had to drive to that show for a hundred years. Hos 1869 -- Philo is about to be 70. Where Philo lives has been in the same place relative to all other continents for 420 million years. The orogeny. When God made the mountains. Sounds sexy... Philo's golden throat for radio. How long it took to get to the stations... the drive to WCSB in Cleveland was a nice drive. Now Detroit is the butt of city jokes; Cleveland became okay.

Stang's zipper was down!! Have to erase the show. Philo had no pants on but pants with zipper down is trolling. The barndoor's open, cow's coming out. In Ohio the kids had the same dirty poems that we had in Texas but with odd variations: GREASY GRIMY GOPHER GUTS variations. The Mandela effect. No Internet then so we didn't know the RIGHT way. Ass meant donkey or asp. But in Bible asp was a snake. Only the Internet tells you what's true or false. A one world community of harmony. It WAS in the 1990s -- just college people and military, everybody was smart! Phoning people to tell them to check their emails or telegram because it's bad news.

Are we sliding? We slid. We should turn the show off. What happened to the callers? Inactive listeners, not calling. But would never stream things live. The red light! But you have to shave. Or wear a mask. A mask that looks like you but shaved. The OverMan head reverberated when it swoll up like that. The most Humble of all the Great Men.

The Buttress sisters Gerte and Blintha... When is break? Rocket away. That back porch? 9-11 wrecked everything.


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