Hour of Slack #1868 - The Good, The Bad and The Lonesome (Part One)

Internet/Radio: 59:53

A NEW "LIVE" EPIC TWO-PARTER EPISODE! Lonesome Cowboy Dave can't talk, and Rev. Ivan Stang can't hear. Not the best formula for a successful modern podcast aimed at 13-year-olds, perhaps, and yet on we strive. There's some news, or perhaps just promises, or even some lies, -- indeed, probably all three; also, music from the Stang family, and from Dave's ill-named band. Our new book, the mystery novel THE AGENT AND MR. DOBBS by Rev. Teeters LaVerge, is officially announced as now existing in hardcover. Excerpts are read. Stay tuned for Part Two.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro808 00:21

2 Dave call a-Mutos subtitles dictionaryrepellent 11:43
A Stang calls Dave. Sent the mutos home to this house. Dave mumbles re: deep freeze weather in Ashtabula. Jupiter and Goose, I love Zeusy. Hera = her. Dave is snowed in at the insane asylum listening to crazy people screaming, "Shut Up Little Man" etc. At Stang Ranch it's 70 degrees, Stang took a walk and didn't die. The mutos do the flower planting for Stang. Red, yellow, albino, fat purple ones. stang names the mutos of the cult after they forget their own. Stang can't understand everybody especially Dave. The problems of foreign language subtitles on movies with English soundtrack. Stang can't understand kids these days or Dave. Got a big diction! The giant dictionary where the SubG doctrine came from. Epopt. Brakes. Getting hired then fired in one session. Family confusion. Vampire, UFO and ghost repellent, and wasp ATTRACTANT -- useful as a weapon at X-Day Drills. Incomprehensible Dave talk. In America you can get arrested for anything. Swaddling clothes for drunks. But now THIS! 11:42

3 LeMur - Tonight_The_Clock_Around3 00:48

4 Dave Call b - skull farmer mutos 04:41
Notice the transition? Everybody feels sorry for Lonesome for being lonesome. Civil war era houses in Cleveland with embarrassing paint jobs. Soup kitchen for the mutos here in Texas. The mutos are skull farmers. Why skulls cost so much now -- fertilizer tripled in price. Cut with fentanyl. Skulls aren't nutritious. Motivation and fulfillment. Skull pie, soup, ice cream. Like garlic ice cream, in Gilroy California, the Garlic Capital!

5 LeMur - PR_Gnus1935 00:53

6 Davecall c-Lovers Leap monsters-skull&grey flannel soup 03:23
Stang went for walk - been bedridden - had mutos gaily throwing flowers on the trails like Fornicators Way/Lovers Leap. Where kids park and make out, that's where the monsters go. It ain't got no face! Dave can't remember what he said, can't hit the record button. Gray flannel soup. Grey flannel and skull soup. Stang's phone notifications. News? New info? News? Okay then.

7 LeMur - PR_Gnus1937 00:34

8 Dave Call D-Neighborworld - Agent and MrDobbs 06:17
Are you cooking your foot? Great breakfast, but confusing. Hash browns and skulls. We're supposed to talk about the new BOOKS! Neighborworld! Books that were compared to Neighborworld. Dave's sketches of his sketchy characters. Dave hates superheroes. Eyelash! Description of Eyelash. And now The Agent and Mister Dobbs by Rev. Teeters LaVerge! Like a Little Golden Book. Would be the best SubG movie. But... no ending! -- EXACTLY!

9 Agent and Mr Dobbs excerpt 01:15

10 Dave Call E-A.I. "Bob" 2.0-Trademark rips-stang daughter 06:35
About to construct our own Metaverse... the new A.I. "Bob" 2.0 is smarter and can be dialed up, unlike "Bob," who is in some motel or topping Trump in Trump Tower with yellow snow. The copycat "Bob" NFT. Gotta shut down these bastards. "Bob" hasn't been clip art in 40 years, but a trademark owned by Douglass Smith the janitor here. So he'll get killed, not Stang or "Bob." Lotta unauthorized Dobbs stuff. The commercials Dave sees with a cartoon Bob in local ads. The boner pill (Enzyte) ads were worst. The CEO went to prison. Got his comeuppance and leave-downance. The actor who played "Bob" did NOT drown after all. No pipe in the cartoon Bob that Dave's been seeing. Puts me to sleep, like this show -- which give's Stang's daughter a headache.

11 Sivet Stang - He'll "Bob" You Out 00:24
12 credit Sivet Stang 00:19
13 Sivet Stang - I'm "Bob's" Own 02:46

14 Dave Call F - long to Dave song 17:43
Dave just joined the Church -- a newbie, not an oldbie. Dave mumbles some more. Wei enters. Stang's big new headphones scared the dog. Buddy's not okay. Got beat up by Yeti after bossing the younger dogs around. Wei still traumatized. Buddy stayed in bed for 24 hours without peeing! Dave's dog was in a fight. How to break up a dogfight by "wheelbarrowing" the attacker. When Buddy bit Stang's leg, wore tongue out licking his wounds. Licking each other's wounds. Dave was there... and there is here. Wei's smooth voice. Hard doing a weekly radio show while weak. Weakly radio show reruns. Why not become bee-keepers? Bees hate chickens. Pee-keeper. Gotta empty that urinal before it splashes and turns blue carpet green. Toilets throughout the property for dogs, eith bidets and bidets and incense - but no lighters due to burn ban. Gotta vape - no smoking. Dave can't smoke or have beer in the insane asylum. No alcohlic tobacco. Low income housing. Middle class people are mad at poor people on welfare because they buy steak. Stang looks rich with that fancy car and shoes. "Welfare pays $35,000 a year!" Why don't you get on welfare if you want cadilacs and steak? Are poor people rich, or poor? Stang tries not to live in a bubble, monitors idiots -- extremist normals. Part poebucker and part elite. More elite than the richest elites. Elite knowledge of Dobbs. Thanks Pap and Mammy and Frappy. And bro and nephews. We're trying to hire our grandsons. Zombies these days... can't do Janor Hypercleats routine. Just mentioning him costs $10,000. We tried to send him money but he didn't give us the right zip code. Invite him over to your house. Our cheap radio station. We have saucer sound effects! Just raised our prices! subgenius.com. On front page shows Neighborworld and Eyelash and Agent and the movie and the books... etc. - Sandy's movie is on Tubi, free with ads! Tubi has tons of great old movies. The SubG movie title card said "Starring Douglass Smith" and showed Paul Mavrides instead of "Bob." The janitor problem. Worst thing Doug did was steal our dope. The pipe dope. Pilfered the pills and the pipe dope and the pipe! Tried to smoke the pills, burned himself. Bag balm! Chappie has chapped hands!

15 The Mondo Retardo Band - The SubGenius Anthem 01:10
16 Credit Dave song - end URL 00:45


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