Hour of Slack #1890 - The Last Hour of Slack? - More on OverMan Philo

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Is this really Hour of Slack #1998, finished on July 4? If you don't hear another show next week, it means Stang and Philo were Ruptured up into the Escape Vessels of the Sex Goddesses from Planet X and have better things to do than The Hour of Slack. This episode features the second part of the Philo Drummond guest hosting, readings from the Dobbstown Mirror, a repeated message about X-Day, The Swingin' Love Corpses, and Bob Dylan. This show ends as our radio careers began: Philo and Ivan talking. Even if we board the saucers tomorrow we can still stream the occasional special show, sermons, or dog opera.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro796 00:18
2 Stang July 4 message 00:41
3 LeMur - PR_Gnus1911 00:52
4 Stang on Hate of Chronic Diseases 00:59
6 Stang credits Onan 00:17
7 Stang describes Tarzan's and dry dry land and prepping 02:15
8 Bob Dylan - Talking WW3 Blues 06:23
9 Stang reads from Dobbstown X 07:49
10 LeMur - Accidental #5 01:33
11 Starting w Philo X 01:52
12 The Swinging Love Corpses - Bad Medicine 01:50

13 Stang and Philo Guest Part 2 30:27
The Love Corpses never broke up, still rehearse every Wednesday. What is for dinner? is the big question. The audience is preparing himselves. Should convert the shows to virtual ones to get the episode numbers to 1,998. Do 109 shows into one show. Play 100 shows at once. Like Byron's or the Star Wars overlaid movie - the scrolls always synced up! Maybe Bleepo's HoS intro will sync up when we do that. Oh gosh there aren't enough shows to watch... Philo on Severance, aka The Prisoner's Lunch Hour. Severance is like we were as wage slaves -- our two lives didn't connect at all. Wore the Masks of Insanity. Princess Wei's 29 years pretending - they never knew she was a folk singer hippie music festival runner peacenik. She gave up on ending war. But her coworkers never had any idea. They still pay her though. Stang will have to slave on SubGenius until he's a skeleton. Maybe not do Hour of Slack. All those old shows still out there in the ethers. Poor Psycho Skeletons guy gave up on us. Show is getting old, mostly reruns. Stang describes Psycho Skeletons. Stang's finally burned out not on Slack but the Hour of Slack. Anyone who doesn't like Slack is Pink and I shall spew them from my mouth for they are lukewarm in their faith. I vomit them. God or Jesus said that. Or some Roman copywriter. Because it was the perfect religion for slaves, losers and poebuckers. History of Jesuses... Pappy's collection of books about how there was no Jesus. Pappy liked Philo. Pappy was our lawyer. The time Pappy showed up at the First World Convention in 1982 from a Navy Intelligence meeting with his buddies all dressed in full Captain outfits. They saw freaks like tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE, who is doing great these days despite his intense weirdness. The newer SubGeniuses didn't get the sodomy thing in Malaysia. "Balls in Vicegrips in Dobbstown, You're an OverMan Now!". THen the song about Moonies.

Philo says time to frop. Dooing the show was fun but now we have so many other things to do. Our gardens and farming. Philo suggests guy wires to hold Stang's shade fabric over the garden. Stang's one eggplant, finally, but it was harvested by Yeti the dog. They'll even eat things that make 'em sick. They'll hold toads in their mouth. I got dogs to entertain, not Bobbies. A one-nutted chimp could do my job. Our rich robust history, always available for free. Stang pays $30/mo for Libsyn - where would we migrate HoS show files where it would be free. SubSITE and 200,000 file names limit. Quiveringbrain.com is Philo's storage area and personal cloud. Stang just don't care! Bachner and his very old Bachhner shows. What if he died? Which listener has the complete collection? Some collector will want EVERY SUBGENIUS OBJECT. They're smart because in the future an old SubGenius pamphlet will buy you anything. Your propane, your insulin. Stang is stockpiling all manner of things because the Econocataclysm actually came. SubGenius prophecy predicted everything in Dateline for Dominance from 1982. We only had the numbers wrong years. When they reprinted the book we updated a few prophecies. Of Stang quits show, can get books reprinted. And new books. Rev. Xenofact and others that are doing great new work. And we can always do the Star Wars Xmas version of Hour of Slack.

Enjoyed show this time. We will save the universe THIS time. Teach others how to live in the horrible time with Slack. Easy for us to say. WHy Philo moved to Kentucky. Stang's fake mansion. Sunset Boulevard style sporal staircase. Otto Preminger movies. Now we're stopping. I'll think, this is funny if you're Philo or Stang. Byeyiyiyiyiyi.

14 LeMur - Magician #9 00:46


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