Hour of Slack 937 - Live 3-28-04

Part A

Opening Imagination 00:17

LeMur: Gee_Dad5 00:20

Where is Bob - nu-monet 00:41

LeMur: Beave_It2 00:19

LeMur: HOS_Intro8 00:23

Rev. Norel Pref: "Kazooistry " 02:43

StangDoe & Dave: Dave's Accordion; End of the World News (Sixth Mass Extinction + 100' asteroid)

Alex Jones from "waking life" - Norel Pref music 02:02

Part B

Stang-Doe & Dave:Kirstie Alley - Revelation X Reading - Fluids to Suckle

Rev. Norel Pref: "Rather In A Lather" 03:04

Part C

StangDoe & Dave: The Bigfoot Jesus; Eye Operation

Rev. Norel Pref: "Pick Thy Puppet" 01:24

Stang-Doe & Dave: Children's Parade; X-Day Ships; RevX Reading: "Bob" Alone Saved You!"; The Marks of Faith

"Oops There Comes A Smile" - The Clown Jesus

Cultivating-Vulva-Dobbs (Heart Ignition background remixed by Maphive) 00:17

RevX Reading "The Passion of "Bob""; "SubGenius Heaven"

Puzzling Evidence 03-05-04 - Philo & Howll on "Bob"

Stang-Doe & Dave: Memory Surgery; Cultivating a Dobbshead in My Vulva; All a Dream

Rev. Norel Pref: "elvinBishop - Norel Pref 00:52

Stang-Doe & Dave: Dobbstown Detectives

Part D

Stang-Doe & Dave: with "Ping Pong"restaurant & vestigial tail

Rev. Norel Pref: "noncomposmentis" 02:41

Stang at Starwood 03 - Flee America 01:37

Elvis Hitler - "Green Haze" with PO Box, URL, credits

Lil Roger & The Goosebumps: "Stairway 2 Gilligans Island" 03:17


All background music: Rev. Norel Pref www.heavyconfetti.com