Hour of Slack 947 - Beachland Devival 3/REAGAN

6-6-04 WCSB Cleveland

A Ohio Motor Scooter PSA with Flyin' Ryan Brothers - 3 min
a      insane Stang double-mix open    01:02
b    LeMur: HOS Intro C    00:33
c    opening credit mess    00:21
d    Stang at Beachland devival - Suicide    03:59
e    Stang and Wei on Reagan's death
f    Bleepo Abernathy testimonial at Devival: "Remember The FACE"    04:16
g    MAN - "Fired" (live at Beachland Devival)    02:05
h    Amino Acids live at Beachland behind Stang on THE SECRET HISTORY OF RONALD REAGAN    04:43
i    credits     00:25
j    Puzzling Evidence Show 2-27-04 - Philo, Don Joyce, Dr. Hal on Egg, Chicken & Bob    08:42

Lonesome Cowboy Dave Calls in

Current Affairs vs. Eternal verity - Anarchy too organized - Stealing will be legal and money won't be - Mayan Calendar and X-Day - Onan and Spending - Onan and Lonesome's Fanny-Babies - I have Slack and more: Wei - Original Slack - Are we on the air? - The Incontinental Drift of Reagan - to repel Nancy - Carter killed wild rabbits -
(Background weird-noise by Popess Lilith, LeMur, various)

We're all in hell - We Have-a-Littles and Have-Somes are almost like those Have-A-Fair-Amounts - Griping Protestors - We're offering LOFTY Words! Feelings! Pablum! Lies! - "Bob" held a gun to our heads and said "Startselling and lying!" - As "Bob" Measures Time - The Promise of X-Day? - X-Day and Jehovah's Witnesses - Does it stop believers from believing? - Dave Saved - The SubG Office in Hell: there may be some delay as the $90 refund paperwork is processed -

FAITH... IS the Miracle.

Show end...

    Puzzling Evidence Show 2-27-04 - Chicken and Egg end
    "peanut" - IMBJR    00:13
    "Loony Toony" - Norel Pref (w/ extras collaged in on the fly)    03:14
    Credit Norel Loony    00:10
Random alt.binaries.slack one-liner collage (mostly LeMur)