Hour of Slack 955 live

Featuring People Like Us album "Abridged Too Far"
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Hour of Slack 955
    955A- One-Eyed Jackal.aif
    955B- Hal Book Review
    955C- Mexican Meat Men - Yr Brain
    955D- Frankenstein Religion Monster
    955E- Collage - Sick Sox.aif
    955F- Slack Monster.aif
    955G- end, cred, music.ai

LNI Show intro
Ren & Stimpy HoS plug
Collages from "StangByes 4 One-Liners" (edits by all the a.b.s-fux)

Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei "R." Doe, Rev. Stang, blather re:
Station's New Star Trek Console
"Bob" is short
Vicki Bennet explanation
One Eyed Jackals in Montmarte
Cadavers and SubG Brain

Review of Hal Robins book, LOST AND MISMATCHED SOCKS
Bonobo chimp news
Mexican Soap Thieves - MEATMEN
Collage, war cuts from Puz Ev etc
Dave & Stang: Slack was within their grasp... the Pure Single Brain
Cell... Get Down Inside Yr Own Brane... Don't Obey the Robots,
Traffic Lights... DISCLAIMER!

Puzzling Evidence collage... We're Looking for People Who Like to
Draw... on the Pipe...
Growed in the Scroat
The Soul is in a Hairy Sac
Mermaid Love
MONSTER RELIGION RANT! Corpse of Jesus... The Drugs I Took... Great
Genius (Invisible Man/Frnkenstein rant)

Angry "Bob" - No Good News
All Anybody Ever Does is ComplaiN!
Readings on Socks
Cow chewing Cud of Slack

Radio Asshole on Stang, 3 disciples named Dopey

Stang MONSTER rant--- Looming and Hulking Slack

Collage, endings, creds, Music endings, LeMur cuts