Hour of Slack 958 - live 08-29-04 w/ Rev. Bleepo Abernathy

Kings of Feedback: "Hearing Test," "Fight the Real Enemy" (billtmiller.com)

Collage, Bobacatto, LeMur cuts (all collage from Stang-Byes 10 1-liners (used 1-65))
Stephen Hawking HoSlack promo
Oyeh Mantra

Dave, Wei, Bleepo, Stang: The Liquid Microphone and Dobbs gene. Where's "Bob" now? CHANGING TIMES MIGHT STOP CHANGING. The brain pudding thickens... They want the Stopping to Begin and to Change Change. Just Say No and Stay On.

Our guest Bleepo, from the number 23

Captain Beefheart: "The 1010th Day of the Human Totem Pole"

Collage - hindmost and LeMur

Dave plays Bush campaign call. All their fluids have been removed. Captain Beefheart's 3rd Eye unusually located. The Man Who Could Neither Shit Nor Get Off the Toilet. "Bob" Can Help the Pee-Shy. He's been in the pants of the man with spastic colon. He's your DePends! He'll wipe you CLEAN. He is Your Diapey-Wipe.

Titler and Hojo are coming! - our alternative to Bush?!?

Big butt collage

Boiled in Lead: "Fuck the Circus" (www.omnium.com)

Bleepo reads from Ken's Guide to the Bible. "Bob's" Healing Pipe can set your intestines into the shape of the Mayan calendar.
Pompous Stang on "Bob's" Vestments

Without "Bob" it would all be pointles... useless. All the centuries of toil, evolution, where has it brought us? WHY WHY WHY?

Oingo Boingo "Why'd We Have to Come All This Way"

LeMurian collage

Liquid Microphone feels your message, amplifies thoughts,  This, That & "Bob". The heads must turn themselves inside out and examine themselves. Few can, fewer want to.

David and Goliath - They didn't JUST cut his head off
Your wallet is SPIKED to your BUTT, y'r HANDCUFFED to JOB by yr WATCH, Can't serve 2 masters, Give up! Pull back! Withdraw! Disconnect! Breakthink! Crack it! We're making omelettes! Breaking eggs! C'mon, everybody's doing it! Silk purses, something for nothing for $30! Don't question this! It's MAGIC! (Alien science) You're MIRED - follow Bob OUT into a whole new universe that's ALL INSIDE YR HEAD! "Bob" will bell that cat that is your head. You'll know whether you're coming or going! You'll know EXACTLY what you think! But you must pay. Slow Money and Dark Matter. Something been removed, but HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? The Universe MUST NEEDS squirt... the squirts must needs come! It's a balance of unbalanced forces, an exact science of random chaos. The squirt you ingest ALLOWS you to shoot THE SAME SQUIRT! It's the loop of Life.

Devival in Detroit, Sept 4 at Alvins, Rev. Angry larry and Senator Thompson Speck, presiding! Bands!

Sept 17 Cleveland -- Lonesome Cowboy Dave & Mondo's Retarded Band with princess Wei "R." Doe at the Beachland Ballroom, opening for Tin Huey

London, Hanburg, Amsterdam in November

Polar Bears and the Seventh Seal being opened, disemboweled... end of show w/ Amino Acids bg.

Bob You Faker... the Vortex... Hot Chicks and Mars, end loop

1    Hos82904a-KoF-HearTest,Fite    05:04
2    Hos82904b-IfStoppingBegan    07:48
3    Hos82904cd-Bleepo,Beefheart    04:11
4    Hos82904e-Bobs Yr Dipey-Wipe    07:44
5    Hos82904fg-Titlr & Hojo    03:44
6    Hos82904h-FuckTheCircusX    02:53
7    Hos82904i-CollageX    00:49
8    Hos82904jk-Pompous-Oingo    11:17
9    Hos82904l-The Squirt Of Bob    11:18
10    Hos82904mn-Dev,End    05:03
11    Hos82904op-Collage EndX    02:41