Hour of Slack 961 ( rerun of 365) Pre-Election Pledge-Vote Show from

Sounds just like it was recorded TOMORROW.

Hendrix ³Toilet Paper²
Ed Sanders ³Melvin Laird²
Xians on halloween
Wei and Mary-Squared Show
The Yeastie Girls
Genie the Magic Record
Title ­ Hybrids
Li Li-jing HoS promo
Halloween Xists
Media Barrage ³Look Out Miami² by Rev. Mike Kopp
Wei & Mary2
Stang ­ TwoHeads media barrage
Stang: PLEDGE YAK, reading Dr. Howll¹s Dobbs Gospels writings
Dr. Howll on ³God Does Not Exist²
³The George Bush farewell Rap² ­ Tokar & Paulino
(First or second appearance of Stang on WCSB with lonesome Cowboy Dave,
Chas and Wei! 1992 Brain Rot Radio Theater 00 on DNA Level C,
backmasking, Subs from Cleveland, Pope Jimbo, Sunnis vs. Shiite Subs
Wei & Mary2
Media Barrage ³Look Out Miami² by Rev. Mike Kopp
Stang: Rant on Voting and The Con, the Lawsuit, the Pledge, Nonvoters
Collage by Dad¹s New Slacks: ³Masterdebators²
Politics Unusual media barrage
Eugene Chadbourne: ³River of Shit,² ³Ollie¹s Playhouse²
³Where Have All the Heroes Gone?²
Credits, PO
Masterdebators cont¹.
Saddam Husseingerfield

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