Hour of Slack 962 - 366 rerun from 1992

Janor ³Rights of the Unconceived² sentence
³Look Out Miami² media barrage by Rev. Mike Kopp
Intro from Over the Edge 4-9 with Philo taking over show
Stang Spooky PO rledge rap
OTE ³We Won¹t Harm You² collage
WCSB Brain Rot Radio (first time with Stang, Dave, Chas, Wei?) ­ ³Bob²
Ghost Shirts
ZXQ Theater: Campus Crusade for Niceness
Rev. Lucas Warmwater/J.P. Murphy: ³The Man on the Bus²
Pledge rap
Church of New Faith: ³Satanism & Racism in the Bible² clip
WCSB Brain Rot ­ The Rich SubG Church
Stang: Reading from Revelation X, in progress (Ch. 2?)
³Look Out Miami² media barrage by Rev. Mike Kopp
impromptu thing
Puzzling Evidence with GGGordon
WCSB Brain Rot: Money Grubbing Sold Out Church of SubG; Caged Yeti
Credits, PO
WCSB con¹t² True Yeti mates Caught Mating on Security Cam²
³Look Out Miami² media barrage by Rev. Mike Kopp ­ Harry the Swinger,
Amusement Park collage, Assassinations, Mojoworld by Mojo Nixon,
Beefheart clip

Original sections (SubG-specific) posted to a.b.s.

1  01 MB Miami, Philo   06:02
2  02 intro 01:07
3  02 LCD Bob Ghost Shirts 03:39
4  03 ZXQ Crusad4Niceness  08:37
5  04 Man On Bus  05:18
6  05 CNF Satanism   02:20
7  06 LCD Church is Rich   01:13
8  07 RevX Ch2 reading  06:40
9  08 LookOutMiami MikeKopp   01:19
10 09 Stang Pokes Brain 07:10
11 10 Shows, Collage 11:39
12 Stang14-Abortion-Slack  03:37
13 zbd_twone2  00:16

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