Hour of Slack 967 Pre-Election Halloween Horror

This episode is recorded Halloween night, before the election, live in the WCSB studio, interspersed with audio collages of the Emperor at His Worst, and songs of protesticles from Lonesome Cowboy Dave recorded live at the Beachland Ballroom. One could perhaps accuse this particular episode of having a slightly more liberal bias than most. Other radio programmers and last-minute brainwashers might enjoy re-using the heavily re-used Bush cut-ups and mix-downs contained herein... some by Phineas Narco, some Stang, much F. LeMur. Music by The Rudy Scwartz Project is also represented, adding a dash of grace and fine taste to our program.

1    LeMur: HOS intro500    00:07
2    Lonesome Cowboy Dave - "Don't Fence Me In" live, Beachland '04     01:02
3    LeMur: News 1001    00:33
4    LeMur: Oh, Golly    00:13
5    LeMur: Kerry Message    00:06
6    LeMur: Our President Wants Dead Flesh    00:13
7    Atomic Brain clip    00:55
8    LeMur: Bush Message    00:05
9    The President's Dick    00:23
10    LeMur: Quotation 33    00:13
11    LeMur: I Approve...sort of    00:15
12    Stang's Bush-SubGenius Collage    07:55
13    The Rudy Schwartz Project: "A Sandwich for Adolph, under live Talk: Halloween Election, Nuggets of Truth, Death Awaits All, Vote for Hindenborg    04:09
14    Lonesome Cowboy Dave - "Presidents On The Phone" live, Beachland '04    03:54
15    National Cynical Radio, Phineas Narco,: "Hard Work" Bush cutup    02:15
16    Acid Corps: "Mongoloid" (7X-Day, live) under: Dave on Prescott Bush    01:13
17    "need some wood" bushcollage by...?    01:47
18    13    The Rudy Schwartz Project: "Snot Mouth Tweedle"    02:32

Dave and Wei on The American Concentration Camps... The Mind Can't Hold It, Mind Sieve...  background buzz-music by Revi Shankar
    LeMur: House of Commoners2    00:13

20    Lonesome Cowboy Dave - "Abu Graib" live, Beachland '04    03:44
21    IndyStang1k-BushLaffsNader    00:22

Credits, talk: The Growth on Bush's bck that controls him. How many puppets, and who has the Remote? "Uh-oh" by The Nutty Squirrels background. Who will win, Alien or Predator, or will we just lose? Easy to brainwash people into NOT saying certain things.  Election Day Horror... the monkeys get riled up, but in the end they're all still behind bars. The October Surprise is that we aren't dead yet. "Ddad, you aren't too radical to vote, are you?" (My daughter) Swing state Ohio with the ugliest swingers, who vote. Maybe democracy is the worst idea EVER and that last King guy was right. Can't trust the people - look who they elected! DON'T write in "Bob" THIS time. Everything's really Connie's fault. DEMOCRAT WHORE REFUSE vs. REPUBLICAN WHORE REFUSE... SICK bit. Lonesome Cowboy George, the monkey animal President. Just more rich people pretending to be stupid Texans so stupid Texans will vote for them. English Channel wetback, me. When Iraq Is a Mall. Bush's facial tics... Unfair to cut up his bloopers. I Learned It From You, Dave.

22    Lonesome Cowboy Dave - "Old Gory" live, Beachland '04    04:48

Dave Dylan sings; The Answer is Blowin' Out Your Ass; Dave as Bush, in Kerrychter... Any abused child can grow up to be President. But they're usually rich monsters, truend into masons. Approaching butt of show... Get out and vote with your feet by RUNNING TO THE NEAREST BORDER!! Maybe change will stop happening... a static dream come true for some, where love is hate and #1 is #2. Serial killers must learn to love themselves... shouldn't beat themselves up. President Dave hissses about empty premises and empty heads.

All-original, deeply mixed collages, rants, and music designed to provoke listener slack and thought regarding current and eternal events.