HoS 973 - A.B.S. collages; live Xmas in Baghdad

All-original, deeply mixed collages, rants, and music designed to provoke listener slack
and thought regarding current and eternal events.Thanks to Rev. Artemia Salina for a lot
of the music and several of the titles, this show!

1    Mr. F. LEMUR COLLAGES: Tobobba    00:332    
_Bob's_ Book    00:433    
_Bob's_ Cumming    00:234    _
Bob_ drum loop #2    00:115    
_Bob_ Song #1002    00:336    
_Bob_ Song #1003    00:237    
_God, A Recurring Problem #2    01:038    
_Bob_ drum loop #3    00:119    
_As Jefferson Once Commented    00:2310    
Rev. Artemia Salina: hos_intro-808-2    00:3411    
Mr. F. LeMur's PR Gnus #1009    00:2312    
Bathroom #2    00:0713    
Rev. Artemia Salina: hos_intro-808-3    00:4814    
Bathroom #3    00:1315    
Rev. Artemia Salina: hos_intro-808-4    00:3516    
Mr. F. LeMur's PR_Gnus1006    00:3317    
CREDITS over Rev. Artemia Salina: "bobbobbob"    01:0118    
Rev. Artemia Salina: hos_intro-808-5    00:2119    
Devil song    01:0120    
Mr. F. LeMur's Don't Be Silly    00:4321    
Mr. F. LeMur's Gnus Conference #2    01:3822    
Mr. F. LeMur's  God, A Recurring Problem    00:2323    
Mr. F. LeMur's Hallezilla    00:2324    
Mr. F. LeMur's Protect Congress    00:4325    
Mr. F. LeMur's PR Gnus #1002    00:4326    
Rev. Artemia Salina: happy-gits    00:3927    
PR Gnus #1003    00:4328    
Leonard Nimoy: "Highly Illogical"    02:2029    
PR Gnus #1004    00:3330    
Mr. F. LeMur's Pork Chop    00:1331    
Porky Pig (Mel Blanc) - "Blue Christmas"    01:59

Mel Blanc, a.b.s. credits. Bush elected, then we left country. Homo Floresiensis, Gayly
Florescent Man, from that country we'll soon invade!  /  Dave does Baghdad Radio smooth-guy
intro, then new song:  "Christmas in Baghdad" - Lonesome Cowboy Dave (live at WCSB, with
Princess Wei) Pee it and be it in the Brain Pan... Xmas in Baghdad Con'tGoing to German?
 - While in Germany, "Ve are Vorried about dis FASCISM in AMERICA!" ... THE OTHERS are why
we must wear these MASKS. But our day will will come... well, maybe just make some phone
calls and get on the Internet... praise Nob, the NobGenius must have Snacks. Santa drove
his reindeer through the snow... the wind was whipping through his flatulence and his shirt
was red with blood.."SANTA'S COMING" song We saw strange Santas overseas. Sinta Nick and His
Little Black Pieter. He has a Little Black Pieter because he drinks far too much. Little
Black Pieter, foreman of Elf Slaves in Spanish mines who make the toys. The ones in the
mines MAKE the presents, the ones in the Big House GET the presents. The Man and his Big
Black Pieter... In Italy an old witch delivers the presents. The historical Santa Claus.
That scary Santa Song... Dave prays, not to Dobbs. You don't want them noticing... a curse
on your soul and shoes55    

JFK Singers - "Let Us Begin Anew"    02:26A
strange tune... not Vaughan Meader, I know nothing... I try not to think about it or know it...
I don't wanna mess the hive up... I wanna fit in! You dress like the cock but you're puddin...
thught Bob would LIKE the lacerations and scabs on us? Haven't suffered enough...
she has DEEP slits and cuts... deep and tight cuts... If I have cuts like that, will Bob
stick it in my head too? Little Black Pieter will stick it in the flap, the exit wound,
if yr a good or bad boy for Xistlessnessmas...((SICK) / Odd Wei unprepared for marital surprise...
use the duck? And friends this is what you can expect more of on the Hour of Slack.  No; you
must wait for Jesus... 58    

Mr. F. LeMur's Jingle Jesus    00:2359

lm-on-frop1    01:03
with Explanation - this was a baritone rocket scientist after one hit of frop60    Marlin Wallace

 - Abominable Snow Creature    02:49  
singalong61    MysteryMusic    01:30

under Dave on the day Marlin Perkins fell in love with a female snow Yeti... Marlin was that
snow-bitch's bitch.62    "pleasurework" - norel pref    00:40

with Dave-Stang-Wei overdubWe don't want to abrogate our resp. as criers... we want these
responsibilities; I've been neutralized; I'm going to make noise; Jeroen quote. When you
find the perfect Hamburger you eat the HELL out of that Burger... on the Reeperbahn,  the
Walmart of hookers, where Wei could not go unless selling herself. Sexist. Description of
the Brighton, England subspecies of SubGenii... had heard of huge raves with vast "Bob" banners,  
Upfront Screen Printing: more mutated Dobbsheads, as far as the eye could see; you couldn't sit
without a Dobbshead up yr wazoo. The most Dobbsheads in one place. The Brightonians know his face,
and of the books, but as shunned tomes hidden by an ancient pristhood... The Devival party's THEME
of "Chapsters,"British Suburban Pink Rednecks... Wei's British desc. of the chav look... dresing
as Americans in order to look like dumbasses!Place filled with actual British Rednecks.   The tour
was a great success, Amsterdam etc., plus we put on a show getting drunk on the subway. But,
becoming more like US, smoking not to be allowed,  freedoms are going away but the Starbucks are
getting stronger - storybook cathedrals next to Radio Shacks... "Christmas in Baghdad"... it could
be much worse...Dave does news. It Could Happen...63    

LeMur PR Gnus #1008    00:3364    
PR Gnus #1010    00:33

Things are happening so fast, anything could change... we get this news from Fernandinande LeMur...
out, standing in his field. Hunters this season went human-hunting. Serial hunters, serial manhunters.
'Cause of violence on TV. They'll kneecrap you for a bag of peanuts.  Mention in PASSING (*GRUNT*),
there is a Devival in Detroit March 19, The Magic Stick,  w/ Amino Acids, Man etc. SubG Euro pics
at subsite,  our PO Box, Amino Acid's new lp "Destroy the Warming Sun" cut 2