Hour of Slack 977 - Cuffed-Up Music (live show)A   

LeMur:  Allo allo    00:132   
Artemia Salina hos_intro-808    00:233   
Bob_ Park    00:234   
HOS Intro #525    00:535   
LeMur: Andy of Bug Porn #1001    00:136   
steamroller    01:55B   
"Revolting" - El Queso All-Stars    03:39   
LeMur: Beaver #205    00:33C 

Live - credits; Dave-Stang intro nude show; oblique tsunami commentary; Living Dead; Jesus Joke;
the Jesus Scam; Revi Shankar organist; Orange Julius of Orange of Rome; running of the bulldykes;
BEWARE YE THE NINTH BUSH; Music: Zoozoozoo sent by PB; JSB Little Fugue by Revi ShankarD 9   
"brady bunch" by  Kids of the King song; Savior Dad child molestor; when the Illumnati were the GOOD GUYS;
the US gov't and mafia are religions; THE SCAMLIKE NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY - Pappy Captain Stang's Sunday
School subversion; to spunk in the face of a red-headed Mormon babe; Intro to Indian songs Octopus Woman
and Black Lodge Singers Mickey Mouse.Music: unreleased DEVO "Luv, Luv" inst.E      LeMur: Caffeine Drink    00:53

Dick Kent - "Octopus Woman Let Me Go"    02:3612   
"Mickey Mouse" - black lodge singers    01:1813   
LeMur: Do you have.._    00:53

Live Over: discussion of Mickey Mouse Indian style;  Dave and Wei crazy talk;F "Bob" was dead - wrapped in
plastic; funeral of "Bob"; Who Killed "Bob";  he was our feces-slinger...Music: Revi Shankar "Laura's Theme"    

LeMur: Kill _Bob    00:16G     
"Fool Me Once" - Workeshoppe Radio Phonik    04:13H

Live- Credit, Dave & Wei on the Victims by the River; music "Hypno-Brainwash" by the Late Budie HolieI Live
(King Kong Music) Stang Rant: Come one Come all, to the Church! Be a Freak! Behold the freaks! Circus rant;
evactuation chamber line;  Dave weirdness - Bubs will be bubJ. Rant of the Evil Darth Stang - usurping "Bob"
(Darth Vader music) - then "Bob" Returns (The Flash music) K    

Fran Baskerville - "Lincoln's Ghost"    03:43

Live - Dave on String Theory Multiple Universe Multiple Nostril Theory Syndrome; the reaming operation;
I KEPT the CYST... L     Elvis In A Box live at The Foundry, London, EuroSubTour devival    02:10M

Live:Papa Dum... Isn't Dumb a value judgement? No... WE ARE THE DECAY... the yeast, mold, the termite, fungus,
eating away at Cons foundation - we're the RUST to the Con's iron cage. But we are free little elves.
The SubGenius HAS Slack.

MysteryScience Theme rendered by Revi Shankar    01:28

And You're a WINNER because you listen to Hour of Slack! Strings to another dimension - O what a lucky man..

SubGenius URL... give lady luck a lookout
(Music:    Al Jolson-Four Leaf Clover    02:34)

Dave's Guacal Canal story, when he met "Bob" in the war; the Pipe tattooed on his titties.N    

LeMur: PE Gnus #1017    00:23

Live: Discussion of LeMur. YUK-CUTTING and YIT CUTTING. All Cuffed Up bunch of bullfish about yuk-cutting and
cussword-reversing. This Show's full of Fish! Cuff 'em if they can't take a joke. I go through a YARD of
gossling tapes to cut one freakin' yit outa this show! Cause ya don't wanna yuk up. It's the most vuffed up
thing I ever heard. For the Internet shows I gotta go and turn 'em all backwards, and make 'em into CUSSWORDS
again! I ain't getting' enough SLACK from "BAAB"And Jesus had a Disciple named "BOB" ! (Superman music) -
"Flying Child "Bob" rant - we owe him not just fear, but awe. Televangelist Dave on "Bob". "Bob" can fly right
up you - up your pant leg and tickle you, with wings like a dove. We hate hate hate, and we love hate - and we
hate to leave. But we must... show end...(Internet Show has 0 15   "ALL CUFFED UP")1   

977a-IntroCollage-Steamroller    04:022   
977b-Revolting-ElQ+LemBeaver    04:133   
977c-BewareThe9thBush    06:394   
977d-ScamlikeXtianity-Pappy    05:295   
977e-OctoWoman-MickMouse-D&W    05:166   
977f-FuneralOfBob-KillBob    02:137   
977g-FoolMeOnce-WrkeshppeRadPG    04:108   
977h-VictimsbytheRiver    03:059   
977i-Stang FreakShow Rant    03:1110   
977j-EvilDarthStang-BobReturns    05:2711   
977k-LincolnGhost-Reaming    03:4312   
977l-ElvisInABox-Foundry    02:0513   
977m-WeTheRust-UrAWinner    04:0814   
977n-YUK_CUTTING-ChildBob!    06:31