Hour of Slack 983-373

This week's show, Hour of Slack #983, is a rerun of ancient Golden Age Hour of Slack #373, recorded in December, 1992, over one hundred years ago. -- Actually we removed some of that show and replaced it with a clip from an excerpt of the Bob Larsen Christian radio talk show, which featured me as a guest in May 1998. Yes, in 1998 Bob Larsen did an interview with me, about the Church, coming up.


We're coming up on Hour of Slack Number One Thousand,  and for that show I thought we'd do a COMMENTS FROM LISTENERS SPECIAL. Send me typed or recorded, paper or email, tapes or CDs or MP3, or written, ONE MINUTE OR LESS, about what you think of Hour of Slack in general. OR the weirdest thing you ever heard on it. Or a special weird personal story you have concerning it. Or how you first heard it. What you hate about it. Whatever interesting thing you can say in a minute. Give your name at the beginning. A third of a page, which we can read aloud, or a minute of audio about Hour of Slack that we can play. Email stang@subgenius.com or use our Cleveland PO Box, 181417 Cleveland Hts OH 44118, or see subgenius.com. You could even phone it in to our toll free #, 1-888-669-2323. It does not make good recordings so speak clearly.

The logs of these old shows usually consist of tiny handwriting by me on the cassette box insert. Sometimes these notes don’t men much even to me, as follows:


Brain Rot Radio Theater  intro, fx intro; Firesign Theater clip


“God’s Critters” mystery ranter

KHSU caller

John Bartles – “Brain Free 7”

KPFA Puzzling Evidence Show – 9/92 – “News” with Dr. Hal


Rev. Nick Nolin UFO collage

Mystery Ranter: “She”

Firesign Theater on Sound Effects


KPFA Puzzling Evidence show, off Phineas Narco Collection – “You’re Too Silly” Old Lady Caller

Phineas Narco “Cauldron of Agony”

Phineas Narco –cutup of Eric Bogosian “I should hang”


KPFA Puz-Ev 9/12 Dr. Hal “Tears” poem, despair of shows no more

KPFA 6.92 with Bob Nelson, on “SPIDERS”

John Bartles, “Brain Free 7”

“What is Reality?”

Phineas Narco cutup, “Your Mind”

KPFA 9/12 Dr. Hal news, “Doggie Cemetary”, Dinosaurs and The Show


The Bob Larson Show – Rev. Ivan Stang guests


Nick Nolin collage – Space bros., UFOs




Dave Endz

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