Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 11:25:39 -0400
From: Chas Smith ESO <eso@wcsb.org>

What can I say... I'm still trying to catch my breath from all the excitement. Naked rocket launching is definately the way to go.

Again, many rockets were launched. We actually got most of them back this time. (Ummm... we really must make sure EVERYONE at Brushwood knows when the launchings are at XXday.) If yesterdays launching had taken place at Starwood - with all the people there in the main field - at least a few pagans would have met their goddess. IT WAS SO FUCKIN' COOL. Those big one just explode off the pad.

Then after a couple hours of naked rocket launching (a couple of SubGs actually emerged from the Faierie Woods at the sound of the first rocket --- a small crowd was on hand for the rocketfire gods awakening throughout the afternoon) we all hit the jakuzi for a froppin good time.

ONE THING FOR XXDAY ---- I seriously depleted my supply of rocket motors. ******Send word out... the Church Needs Rocket Motors. Tell people to go to their nearby hobbie stores and buy up all of the D, E, F, and especially G Aerotech rocket motors for launching at xxday.

Stay tuned for next sacred test launch date - probably in two weeks. Just not as many firings. I still need to test a couple of the big ones to make sure they fly true... as opposed to u-turning into a crowd of bobbies.


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