From: "Rev.David Lee Black" <revblack@hotmail.com>

Dear Mutant,

Like you the Pvpe doesn4t have a lot of money. Considering the fact that I live in Europe and my last day on this planet of bad situation comedies is on x-day I though it would be nice to organize an X-Day Europe for those of us who can4t make it to Sherwood this summer.

Bob has blessed me with a nice home right on the waterfront here in Kiel Germany. We have a bar downstairs with all of the draught and bottled beer you can handle. Also there is a large 204x 504hall we can have parties in and if you bring your own sleeping gear you can stay here the whole weekend and it will cost you nothing. As a matter of fact the only think you have to pay for is getting here and eating and drinking.

This is not a competition with the Sherwood New York festivities but more of a show of solidarity with our SLDCK brothers and sisters across the pond. If you4re interested drop me an Email and I4ll give you more details.

His divine grace, most holy,
The Apostle Pvpe David Lee Black

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