XX-Day Soccer Idea

From: Modemac <modemac@modemac.com>

On Wed, 12 May 1999, Rev. Ivan Stang wrote:
>I LOVE the idea! The soccer ball Earth is GREAT!!! Even *I* would want to play THAT sport!
>I think one goal should look like a hideous monster devil mouth painted on plywood labeled "THE MAW OF NHEEGHEE"
>and perhaps the other side's goal should be a SCARRRRY looking VAULT DOORWAY labeled "THE DOORWAY TO DOOM"

As my fumbling attempts at contributing to alt.binaries.slack have shown, I'm no artist. I can provide some raw materials, but I leave it to better creators than myself to get into detail like that. Feel free.

Any other input from anyone?

>>It's similar to the Battle of Armageddon, in that the two sides get to dress up and provide their own crazy weapons to beat each other up with. This time around, though, there would be more emphasis on the ball; it would be almost like a contact-soccer. For a ball, we could use a soccer ball painted to look like the planet Earth, and there would be a goal on each side for the teams to knock the ball into. Each side could use whatever means necessary to whack the ball into the other side's goal, though because a score would be kept, there would be more incentive to kick the ball around as well as hitting each other. Instead of the "Battle of Armageddon," it could be called "The Rupture," because the SubGenii finally get the chance to kick the world around after being kicked around by the Con all our lives. :)

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