EVENT - Robert Anton Wilson / Conspiracy Tour of Texas 1998

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November 13, 1998

CONTACTS: Jason Cohen, Forbidden, +1 214 821 9554 <forbidden@hotweird.com> Paco Nathan, FringeWare, +1 512 494 9273 <email@fringeware.com>

Conspiracy Tour Of Texas 1998
December 4-5, 1998

Robert Anton Wilson once wrote: "The resurrection of the body need not be postponed until after death. It can happen at any moment." That moment is now.

Mr. Wilson, world-famous author of Prometheus Rising, the Illuminatus! Trilogy, Wilhelm Reich in Hell, and many other books and articles, also formerly an associate editor of Playboy, and one of the world's leading conspiracy theory lecturers, is coming to Texas. Forbidden Books of Dallas and FringeWare of Austin are proud to announce the December 1998 CONSPIRACY TOUR OF TEXAS.

You are cordially invited to mingle with Robert Anton Wilson at the Dallas book signing for his latest, EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL: The Encyclopedia of Conspiracy Theories, on Friday, December 4th, from 3:00-4:00pm at:

Forbidden Books
835 Exposition
Dallas TX 75226
+1 214 821 9554
+1 214 823 4448 event hotline

Then on Friday evening, Robert Anton Wilson will host an intensive, audience participation workshop entitled "A GUIDED TOUR OF CONSPIRACYLAND..." dealing with conspiracy theories, scientific theories, and more theories. Your brain may be tested!! There will be refreshments served and door prizes. Each member of the audience will receive a Certificate and will be made a honorary Pope in the Discordian Church!!! The workshop will be held at the downtown Dallas Masonic Lodge at 7:30-10:30pm with a short break. Cost is $40, contact Forbidden or FringeWare to buy tickets in advance.

Dallas Lodge #760
507 South Harwood Street
Dallas TX 75201
+1 214 821 9554
+1 512 494 9273

Again on Saturday, December 5th, please come to the Austin book signing with Robert Anton Wilson for EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL, held from 3:00-4:00pm at:

2716 Guadalupe
Austin TX 78705
+1 512 494 9273

The main event arrives on Saturday at 7:30pm, when Robert Anton Wilson will address the public with his presentation entitled "EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG", exploring conspiracy theories, scientific theories, and theories in general, as narratives that we invent to make sense of our essentially chaotic experiences. Hosted by Rev. Ivan Stang and The Church of SubGenius, with subversive support from the Scarlet Woman Lodge (OTO), tempting door prizes, and lots of delicious mind candy. Cost is $12, contact Forbidden or FringeWare for advance tickets:

2211A Hidalgo St
Austin TX 78702
+1 214 821 9554
+1 512 494 9273

That's near the corner of Robert E. Martinez and East 7th Street in Austin, one mile east of I-35, and for driving directions:

take I-35 to Austin, Texas
exit on 7TH STREET
go east (away from 6TH STREET clubs) for 1 mile turn RIGHT onto ROBERT T MARTINEZ JR STREET turn LEFT onto HIDALGO STREET
park somewhere in one of the lots
stop the engine and get out
enter building by 7:30pm


After Robert Anton Wilson's mind-warping presentation, a party for all in attendance will ensue with video slander by PHAT FARM PRODUCTIONS, mayhem allegedly by CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS and SCARLET WOMAN LODGE, acoustic entertainment by THE INVISIBLE COLLEGE OF ESOTERIC DJ's, cinematic ambient techno dub by FUTURA, and many surprises including tantalizing young flesh, ritual intoxicants, obnoxious religious pranks, overt blasphemy, and the very special world premiere from CHRISTAL METHODISTS for their new release of "Ritual Satanic Abuse". Be there or be saved.

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