Hogshire on Black

From: pagg@speakeasy.org (Jim Hogshire)

: "My Date with Jim Hogshire" came out before "the letter" existed. In fact,
: the original version ends with the line of questioning: why would
: Hogshire do what he is alleged to have done? Since Black has no 'net
: connection we're merely seeing a posted version of a letter that has been
: out for a while. If there is an update, and it's likely there is, it hasn't
: been disseminated on Usenet.

If you're talking about the snitch letter, you are wrong. Bob Black wrote
that one on Feb. 21st.

I have also got the transcript of an interview with BB's cop controller
and it turns out Black tried to remain anonymous until the last moment
when the cop told him he could find no evidence to support the "hot tip"
and he couldn't obtain a warrant unless BB would put his name on it.
Under those conditions he seems to have agreed.

Perhaps this is what allowed him to brag that he'd seen to it and
"guaranteed" I would "go down".

As soon as I have enough time, etc. I would be glad to post the documents
concerning this case on the net. Including Bob Black's snitch letter.


I'll now address Bob Black himself:

If there were any truth to this bullshit about me suddenly becoming crazed
and trying to kill you, then why didn't you report this to the cops? If
it's because (as you told them) you were "afraid you couldn't prove your
case" because, among other things, there was a witness you your
behavior, doesn't this speak for itself?

And if you still insist i tried to kill you then why don't you bring the
charge now? Why not have me charged with attempted murder?

You know why. It's because you'd have to fuckin' come out to Seattle, sit
your drunken hulk in the witness stand while my lawyer turns you into a
*pureed* drunken hulk. Because, in short, you are lying.

Bluster on, dickhead, your status as willing police tool is confirmed and
the proof comes from your pals, the Seattle narc squad, who believed your
bullshit and might like to have a word with you themselves for providing
false information and making them look stupid.

Jim (aka "Poppyboy")

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