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The Men In Black Conspiracy
Secrets of the Nation of the Third Eye

The really essential problem with the MIB of the movie is that they are protectors of Earth with Earth's best interests in mind. The earliest encounter with the so-called "Men In Black" was in October of 1953 when Albert K. Bender was approached by three mysterious men and told not to publish any more information on flying saucers. He ceased. Since this incident, the MIB have been known as the Silencers of truth. All that has changed.

As information has become accessible to vast amounts of people through the internet and other medium, the Conspiracy has restructured its misinformation techiniques. In the same league as the X-Files, E.T. and ID4, MIB has taken lunacy from truth, creating a new more powerful mythos through their favorite medium: movies. No different from communist television or the rewriting of the past in 1984, They effectively change the attitude towards the fearful MIB by being the first to tell the story. And story is exactly what it is for it is far from the truth.
A few problems

just like batmanThe generally accepted truth, if it may be referred to as such, is mainly taken from a document called The Krill Report by O.H. Krill, a well respected and objective UFO researcher, which is a short document regarding the acquisition of advanced technology and contact with alien cultures. The MIB are referenced in Part III of this report. Here is the most reliable of traditionally accepted information on this and other phenomenon.

Horus Eye

The Nation of the Third Eye is watching you

According to John Keel, the Nation of the Third Eye is what the MIB often state they are representatives of. The Eye of Horus is often used as the All-Seeing-Eye insignia of the MIB. The Third Eye has been the centre of spiritual power in most cultures, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Catholicism, and many Native American religions, as well as nations with delusions of grandeur as the ancient Egyptians and the modern United States.

Lowell The Men In Black movie is based on the comic by Lowell Cunningham. Six black and white comics were released by Malibu Comics in the 1980s. Currently, an animated series is under production to program the minds of small children. Is there no limit to this man's sinister nature?

The Church of the SubGenius
It is difficult to talk about this movie without making reference to The Church of the SubGenius, since there are so many within the movie. The SubGenii have acknowledged the existence of the MIB since its beginnings nearly two decades ago. From The Book of the SubGenius:

SubGenius MIB "Behind each bigwig in the smokefilled boardrooms of The Conspiracy's New York "bunkers" is a shadowy "consultant" telling him how to deal his cards...and while the human Insiders may squabble among themselves, The Men In Black behind them work as one. "Bob" KNOWS. "Bob's" sat in on their calm, civilized get-togethers and noticed that the slightest ghastly murmuring from one of these creatures is enough to make a Senator break into a cold sweat, a Prime Minister suddenly change his tune, a CIA operative inexplicably decide not to give the complete report. When the Migraine Machine is activated in those boardrooms, ALL arguments with THE PLAN are cut short faster than Darth Vader's mindbeams can choke a Death Star captain."

One of the most alarming aspects of this movie was the appearance of NHGH. NHGH is the unpronouncable god of mischeif. NHGH is evil, but not the Satan. Satan has horns. All that NHGH has is a terrible grin, like "Bob's". NHGH does not kill you, hurt you, or ruin your whole life. He ruins an hour, a decade at the most. NHGH's similarity to "Bob" can be explained by the theor that he is in fact a manifestation of the Anti-"Bob". This explains a great deal concerning the appearances in the movie of "Bob" on the good side, against NHGH on the bad.

 NHGH look-alike


 E D G A R

 N H G H

Who is "Bob"?

They would have you believe he's the alien furthest on the right (on left tiny caption). How true this is, I can not say. It is difficult to determine the nature of "Bob's" appearance in many recent movies. Whether he is controlling certain aspects of the film productions to his own means, I do not know. However, it seems more likely that all these appearances of "Bob" are simply to confuse potential SubGenii and divert them from the one true path to salvation.
Bob from MIB


Even They realized how obvious Their whole plan was! By admitting to it, they make it even LESS believable, making Their plan even more effective...

"This plan details the agency's scheme to hide our existence and that of the 4,742 known extraterrestial life forms operating on Earth "under the nose" of the unsuspecting public. By creating a "fictional" movie, we create a condition in which our field Agents' actions will become less suspicious (see Disinformation Tactics Manual 1.6: "We're Only Making a Movie Here, Officer") and any facts that manage to leak out about alien activities will be less likely to be taken seriously by the press at large. The following information on the "movie" is brought to us by our deep cover agents at Columbia Pictures."

BACK Despite my rantings this was a fantastic movie. Even funnier than ID4! I recommend feeding the Conspiracy machine and seeing it several times. But be sure to research original information on the MIB due to many discrepancies in the film.

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