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Become an Ordained Minister NOW...


J.R. "BOB" DOBBS AND THE CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS by director Sandy K. Boone is out and available for streaming on Apple TV, YouTube, Vudu and Fandango Now! (So far.) See for a constantly-updated list of all streaming and virtual theater venues, plus links to dozens and dozens of rave reviews (and a couple of wishy-washy ones from reviewers who may be mad because they totally misunderstood us for thirty years). This award-winning feature-length documentary is entirely Dobbs-Approved. Your video-on-demand money eventually goes to Sandy Boone, who spent a fortune of her own hard-earned money making this first-class ode to her late husband David Boone's favorite cult. ((David Boone = Rev. Roberto de la Rosa)) She hired the best tech, editing and writing people, and she took very good care of us old-timers. She is our friend and you should pay to see her movie if you are "Bob's" friend. "Bob" is already way rich and probably hasn't even noticed the movie. But, above all -- it's a really good movie.


[[COVFEFE-19 NEWS: WE AI'TN'T DAID yet, as Granny Weatherwax once put it. We've gotten some calls asking if we're still in business and filling orders. Indeed we are. SubGenius Headquarters these days happens to be located in a secluded fortress deep in the woods, half a mile from any known road, outside a very small rural Texas town -- just about the safest possible hide-out or containment compound for old cult leaders, scribes, bodyguards, guard dogs, minions, etc. Besides, we've been self-quarantined for decades now. And our Ministerial Packs were all assembled months ago by robots, and therefore as safe a purchase as they ever were.]]

WE'RE PUBLISHING AGAIN! ACTUAL BOOKS ON PAPER! (And ebooks via Kindle.) JUST PUBLISHED January 2021: EYELASH by Rev. Nikolai Kingsley, the first Subgenius science fiction novel! CHECK IT OUT HERE! We started with the incredible science fiction / black humor novel by Lonesome Cowboy Dave DeLuca, NEIGHBORWORLD. You can order the trade paperback from us and/or see a digital preview of the Kindle version on Amazon!

We have our own new ROKU SubGenius TV channel! (Also on Vimeo!) Hour of Slack Radio is broadcast and streamed new every week. A NEW SALE DAWNS in both of our CATALOGS. The SubGenius music CDs are now downloadable! THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS is here! SubGenius events are happening all over the world this year. X-DAY is held at an exotic site (in darkest Ohio!) every July. The exciting novel do-it-yourself virus we invented for the SubGenius Art Mines is spreading throughout our website, sometimes spilling over even into the so-called "reality" that we SubGenii are forced to share with the humans. [[Wait... WHAT?!?]] The vigorous health of this virus is the result of its careful design by an ever-growing team of SubGenius coders -- Slack-filled young men and women of Yeti descent who are spread, SEEMINGLY randomly, throughout the breakthinking world... but are bent on breaching all Earthly human political and cultural barriers with the searing nonhuman truth of the Word of "Bob": J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, that LIVING GOD WHO WALKS THIS PLANET EARTH (?) IN HUCKSTER'S SHOES.

You can, with a credit card, or PayPal, just flat-out give us money, for NOTHING:


Sacred SubGenius Music Downloads at SUBGENIUS BANDCAMP.COM

Above: "V-Heart-4", by Heart Ignition
SubGenius Graphics Orgy:

Complex graphics best viewed one at a time -- the latest in SubGenius non-moving pictures.

Welcome to the wide open, wide-screen, dilated-pupilled world of SubGenius graphics, wherein the hideous and the beautiful become almost... well, not indistinguishable, but for some of us, it gets to where we PREFER the hideous stuff.

    START HERE. ALL of our full-brain, eye-rip graphics. ALL OF THEM. Over 23 "Tunnels," each containing a dozen or two entire galleries. The latest in SubGenius non-moving pictures. (FIND YOUR DOBBSHEADS HERE).
    Includes special (older) graphics SubSections, such as the prehistoric SubG Video Archives, our GWAR and M/TV adventures, Olde Nenslo, and the PORTRAIT GALLERY of LIVING SUBGENIUS GODS and TOPLESS GODDESSES.
    Dozens of short SubGenius videos in every format imaginable.

"Bob's" sound holes:
Above: PipeHole by Rev. Error

More Fun Than You Really Wanted. (As always, hear THE HOUR OF SLACK podcasts for the latest and longest in SubGenius audio. These stashes below are from the earliest days of Internet sound,)

Praise the Really Rather Rancid Rev. Error! For this mighty SubGenius has, by remote control, from merry Warwickshire, England, TOTALLY RENOVATED an abandoned section of SubSITE that had long lain fallow: the SMALL, SHORT, DOWNLOADABLE SOUND CLIPS vaults, previously called "THE EARS OF "BOB"".


Press your ears against "Bob's" holes and see what sounds come out!
Hole 1
The Howll hole
Hole 6
The Mechanically Recovered Meat Hole
Hole 2
The Dirty Dogma Hole
Hole 7
The Hole of Wandarer
Hole 3
The Black hole
Hole 8
The Hungry Hole
Hole 4
The Blowhole
Hole 9
The X-Hole
Hole 5
The Hole of The Future
Hole 10
The Hymn Hole

Step right up! Get your downloadable "Bob"ware here!
Software Funhouse: the veritable "teat" of downloadable antique SubGenius games, apps and animations, most of them from the 1990s.


Contribute Mac Files (Under 5 MB) Or PC Files (Under 5 MB) To The Funhouse

The BobCo Font Packages

All eyeballs now to be crammed with obsessive compulsive archetypal cheesy bulldada sacred symbols!! These amazing SubGenius heiroglyphs will replace the english language in business and social intercourse, worldwide!!!

BobCo Fonts Old Main Page

Downloads and Install Instructions available HERE

Galleries - See the BOBCO fonts in action HERE

Remember, kids, the face of Dobbs is a TRADEMARK, so you have to ask permission to use these images commercially.

Old Links to ancient, dusty, shunned, eldritch pages: