Attn: Connieites

From: nu-monet <>
Date: Thu, Jan 17, 2002

Illo by IMBJR

Did anyone ever ask *her* when X-Day was?

(Sigh) Maybe the Nu-Agers were right. It is
the end of the patriarchy of "Bob", and the
beginning of the matriarchy of Connie.


From: Her Ladyship Lilith von Fraumench <>


"That's "Bob"'s job. Lazy bastard won't even return the Xists' phone
calls anymore."

To Hel with the Nu-Agers, it's the NUNU-AGERS that we should be
listening to. And they say, GO WITH THE GLANDS.

Her Ladyship Lilith

\m/ -=8=- -=8=- \m/

From: (Priestess Pisces)

> Did anyone ever ask *her* when X-Day was?

well her mouth is full at the moment......

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