New XX-Day Song lyrics

From: "Rev. C.S. \"Chuckles\" Wolfe (Perdurabonobonanda)"
Subject: Prairie Squid Companion
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999

I just couldn't get the tune out of my head, so I made it a candidate
for the new Hour of Slack themesong:

"Oh, hear that escape vessel, gliding down the avenue,
I watch the chaos, and look around for you,
But you're a pile of pink ashes, smoldering on the floor,
It's X-Day n',
Bob's a-slayin',
Connie, could we ask for more?"

and Rev. Stang can clip in with, "welcome to another Prarie Squid
Companion, brought to you live by Powdered Pink Biscuits, the ones with
shrieks coming from the bag to indicate freshness."

Just a thought.

Rev. C.S. "Chuckles" Wolfe (Perdurabonobonanda)
The Mopar-Drivin' Jesus
High ChemoGnostic
ChaoThelemiDobbsian ChemoGnostix

"He should be crushed into itsy-bitsy pieces, and BURIED ALIVE!"
-Hanover Fist

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