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I tried to post this once before, but I think it vanished mysteriously.
This is an index of all the artists in _Revelation X_, put together in a
flurry of intense work over the last couple days. A couple warnings:

1) LIES may have too many, or too few citings. The collages sometimes
look like more than one art piece, so I credited them that way. OTOH,
since all unlabelled pieces (or pieces without signatures on them) go to
LIES, there might be too many. I particularly doubt the pictures on 174
and 175.

2) "Hal Robins" and "Dr. Howll" are different people in this list,
because I wasn't absolutely positive they're "really" the same person.

3) Ken DeVries is alphabetized under "KDV". I forget why.

4) In the whole book, only pages 121, 152, 183, and 184 have no art.

5) The pieces on 151 may be miscredited.

Any suggestions, corrections, etc. would be appreciated!

Compiled by Rev. Monty
Feel free to circulate and reprint.

Dr. Al Ackerman: 56
Errors Abound: 14
Impact Action: 38
Dr. Agon/LIES: 22
A.B.: 124
Bergdoll: iv
Rev. Paul Binkley: xx,8
Paul Binkley/Rev. Numen Remissionis: Inside Front Cover,xi,7,130
Grieg Bishop: 91
Rev. Gutzilla Bloat: 95,105
Mark Bode: 76,108,168
Treasury of Brunei: 182
Dr. Onan Canobite: ix,xix
Pope Charles: x
Carl H. Computer: 1
P.D. Condom/LIES: 78
Norman Conquest: 35
D. Cripps: xii
J.R. "Bob" Dobbs: 38
Rev. Ray Dodge: iv
Rev. Mike Duggins: 57,112,166,151
Rev. Mike Duggins/LIES: 77
Puzzling Evidence: 54,54,54,54,82
Beth Fideler: xiv,52
B.T. Flax: 107
John Fudge: iii,137
Rev. Tim Gallwin: 42
G.B.: 151
G'Broagfran: 56,162,163
Richard Gibson/Andre' Grossman: 34
Bill Griffith: x
Chris Gross: 34
Andre' Grossman/Richard Gibson: 34
John Hagen-Brenner: xiv,37,53,114,116
Hagen-Brenner/LIES: 167
Hagen-Brenner/Mavrides: 39
Del Harris/Nick Smith: 127
Beth Herzhaft: 54
Alec Hidell: xiii,xxiv
Rick Hoeefle: 90
Dr. Howll: vii,3,9,19,25,74,100,101,142
Hellpope Huey: 49
Rev. Kenneth Huey: 29,95
Gary Hughes: 51,144,162
Jimb: 68
KDV: xiii,xv,xvi,1,3,5,35,42,44,49,81,92,125,128,135,144,146,158,Inside
Back Cover
KDV/Nenslo: 18,43
D. Keller: xvi
Jay Kinney: 11
Rev. Kreg: viii
S. Kristensen: 141
Dr. K'taden Legume: xxi
LIES: ii,ii,ii,iii,iii,vi,vi,vii,vii,vii,viii,viii,viii,ix,ix,ix,x,x,x,xi,
LIES/Dr. Agon: 11
LIES/PD Condom: 78
LIES/Rev. Mike Duggins: 77
LIES/Hagen-Brenner: 167
LIES/Medulla Oblongada: 111
LIES/Rev. Numen Remissionis: 1
LIES/Nick Smith: 59
LIES/Rev. T.J. Tellier: 33
LIES/Raymond Wilding: 67
Polly Lynn/Winston Smith: 120
Heather MacAdams: 79
Paul Mavrides: Front Cover,xv,xx,5,14,17,17,21,29,41,45,46,47,50,67,70,
80,84,86,98,106,143,144,145,149,164,169,176,Back Cover
Mavrides/Hagen-Brenner: 39
Mavrides/HAl Robins: 171
Shake Ed., Milan/Prof. Bad Trip: 24, 147
Rev. Mark Mothersbaugh: 66
Rev. Ninanos Mymehaha: 146
NASA: 102
Nenslo: 27,28,93,116,160
Nenslo/KDV: 18,43
Nick Nolin: xvii,134
Medulla Oblongadda/LIES: 111
Nina Paley: 44
Pamsims: 142
Raymond Pettibon: xvii
Archimandrite Pudlevicz: 148
Rudolph Razzendale: vii,25,55,73,136
Rev. Numen Remissionis: 64,87,96,157,158,161
Rev. Numen Remissionis/Paul Binkley: Inside Front Cover,xi,7,130
Rev. Numen Remissionis/LIES: 1
Rev. Joe Riley: 63,65,110,113,138
Joe Riley/Rev. Ivan Stang: 104
Hal Robins: iv,v,xx,xxii,9,12,13,14,20,55,56,58,58,60,61,69,71,72,72,76,
Hal Robins/Mavrides: 171
Dr. Zaphod Rockatabsky: 30
Donna Sangre: 132,132
SCHWA: 11,18,64,92,99,126
St. Joe Schwind: 26,118,133
Almost Rev. Scramble: 132
Angelo Fottersi Segata:: xvii
Rev. Rebby Sharp: 31
Gilbert Shelton: 62
SHK: vii,13,114
Nick Smith: 86
Nick Smith/Del HArris: 127
Nick Smith/LIES: 59
Winston Smith: 45,59,70,77,109,117,122,123,139,140,140,159
Winston Smith/Polly Lynn: 120
Ned Sontag: 45
Sosdada/Ken Pastore: 124
Ivan Stang: 10 (honorary),84
Ivan Stang/Joe Riley: 104
Rev. Sternodox: 131
Susie the Floozie: 4
Eric Talbot: 141
Rev. T.J. Tellier: 80
Rev. T.J. Tellier/LIES: 33
Carl Tralla: 54
Prof. Bad Trip/Shake Ed., Milan: 24,147
Leda Vampirus: 40
Dave Van Hee: 110
St. Palmer Vreedeez: 15,41,57,66,91,157
St. Byron Werner: 28,133,167
Wesson, Melch, and Gilbert: 85
Rev. Raymond Wilding: 119
Raymond Wilding/LIES: 67
Robert Williams: 4
Tom Wilson: 125
Ed. X: 154
XNO: 80,179

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Subject: Re: RevX Artist Index

John Searcy <> writes:

>On a side note, I think that LIES = Paul Mavrides = Palmer Vreedeez and that
>Hellswami Sattelite Weavers = John Hagen-Brenner. Just thought I
>'d mention that.

Thanks. Boy, why people need more than one "wacky" name is beyond me.

It's a madhouse in here.

"Well, Mr. President, it's the bees again."


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