Hidden Messages About "Bob" in Movies

Subject: Re: hidden messages about "Bob" in movies
From: subgstang1@aol.com (SubGStang1)

In article <395fqb$2ja@tank.pipex.net>, cyberia <cyberia@easynet.co.uk>
writes: limited knowledge of Dobbs references in films. Here are the ones
I know of:

SID & NANCY (Alex Cox): In a scene cut from the film but remaining in the
book of the script, Sid tells a pal he's going to join the Church and
worship J.R. "Bob" Dobbs.

WIZARD OF SPEED & TIME (Mike Jittlov): The pizza delivery van has a
Dobbshead on it. (Note: this film's demo was world premiered at the LA
SubCon in '85)

THE NEW AGE (Rev. Mike Tolkin): Throwaway Reference to Dobbs' name (I haven't seen it yet)

WAYNE'S WORLD (...) Reference to "The Shitty Beatles" as a band that's
really bad, "So it's not just a clever name." (REALLY obscure reference;
Shitty Beatles was an alternate name of Drs. For Wotan, mentioned in Stark
Fist #2 and in BOOK-1)

ACE VENTURA -- in describing the evil bad-guy(!), compu-nerd "Woodstock" calls him, "that SubGenius"

SEE ALSO ARISE, the SubGenius Video, polygram video, banned by
Blockbusters, $20 from SubG Found. There are a few minor references to Mr. Pipe-Sucker there.


Subject: Re: hidden messages about Bob in movies
From: house127@teleport.com (127 House)

Marginally related -- 'freelated' in SubGenius interminology -- to
references to J. R. "Bob" Dobbs in the cinema are those on television. I
know of three:

- 1st season of Pee Wee's Playhouse included a Dobbshead behind Mr. Wee
in his final spin at the end of credits, well-placed by the mind behind

- David Letterman. Seems like I've heard of a "Bob"face way back there
in the back of the set, but I haven't watched TV in about six years so I
don't know.

- For about three months there was a wrestler in the World Wrestling
Foundaction circuit who went by the name The Smoker. He was kind of
skinny compared to the other guys but held his own sometimes. His
trademark was having dots drawn all over his face and a pipe drawn down
one side out of his mouth. He'd come into the squared circle with a
briefcase and try to sell something to the ref. He wasn't of the 'good'
or 'bad' allignment almost all wrestlers are, but rather the rare
'dumb/crazy' allignment. Like Bo Bo Brazil with the Coconut Head, or the
Mongolian Stomper. This was about 1987-88.

I hope this answers your question.

Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite, "The SubGenius Answer Man"

127 House - Box 2321 - Portland OR 97208-2321 USA - house127@teleport.com

Subj: Re: hidden messages about Bob in movies
From: rsvanc00@mik.uky.edu

Don't forget Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams. There's TONS
of SubGenius references in that.

1. The number (hard to see, except on a SP copy freeze frame) on
the ice cream truck is 333

2. Our heroes make a living selling 'frop! :)

3. The clown on the truck bears some resemblance to J. R. "Bob" Dobbs,
except that he's got a joint instead of a pipe.

4. Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) is in the movie, playing a doped-up,
tranked-out character named "The Hamburger Man".

5. Midway through the movie, the ice cream truck makes it's final
appearance, and the clown is blown away by two eager policemen. Perhaps
this is an eerie premonition of Dobbs' assassination.

Randolph S. Vance

QUOTE: "I'll watch some TV, it'll help me to RELAX!" -Ren Hoek


Subject: Hidden messages about "Bob"
From: <macke010@maroon.tc.umn.edu>

On the lame pink TV show Sightings Sunday I caught (while channel surfing)
a guy who is a "water witch", or dowser. Name: Bob Slack.

Subject: Re: hidden messages about Bob in movies
From: cointelpro@aol.com (COINTELPRO)

In Raising Arizona: when Nicholas Cage is being chased by the pack of
dogs after blowing a supermarket heist, he runs through a stranger's
house. On his way through the living room where the hapless homeowner is
watching TV, you can see an old black&white movie playing, and a voice
from the film says "Reveal yourself, Dobbs!" (I'm 90% sure). Quite a
propos for a great slack-filled movie.


Although not strictly a "Bob" reference, the movie "Killer Klowns from Outer
Space" used the image of an Overman from the Book, etc... as the Klown's thumb
print, and the same footage of the overman head appeared in the music video
from the soundtrack, I can't remember what band it was.

Speaking of music, what other bands besides Devo and NEgativeland are tuned into
"Bob"? I heard a King Missile song mentioning JHVH-1..

Yes, its true, when you know what to look for, we are EVERYWHERE.

If "bob" is everywhere, is he in the toilet?


Hidden messages about "Bob" in movies
From: subgstang1@aol.com (SubGStang1)

bradh@armory.com (Mr. DNA) writes:

"Speaking of music, what other bands besides Devo and NEgativeland are
tuned into
"Bob"? I heard a King Missile song mentioning JHVH-1.."

Stang: BEST one would be THE SWINGING LOVE CORPSES. E-mail
"pdrummond@aol.com" for catalog.

O.B.E./ Kings of Feedback are a FINE new Negland-like "sampler-band" in
Boston with a really ear-raping CD out -- call 1-617-LICK-OBE or e-mail
LickOBE617@aol.com for info, catalog.

Mojo Nixon is another...

David Byrne based the "Puzzling Evidence" scene in his TRUE STORIES movie
on our devivals -- before the Hollywood producers stepped in, he'd planned
to have Pope David N. Meyer as the preacher and I was gonna do the video
collage backdrop. But the Pressman Corp. nixed it, saying we didn't have a
"track record" in movies. Now you know.

Indian Rope Burn and Forms of Inanity, Cleveland...

Dr. Bizarro, Chicago... hey look, I need to be preparing a formal list of
all this stuff for STARK FIST ONLINE, so look for amazing new KOOL KRAP 2

Thank you for your patience.



OverMan, Wings of Slack, Dobbshead most common. Photo of "Bob" on a biker's

Also, in Akron & Philly, saw: The ConStika (3 monster feet in circle); Dobbshead surrounded with
barbed-wire halo; Devil Salesman on ankle.



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