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Subject: Bands comparable to Devo? Negativland!
From: (Erik Sorgatz) (Lou DuChez) writes:

>of strangeness. Indulge your abnormality! Insane priesthood ordination
>and weird-ass propaganda $1.
> The SubGenius Foundation

Would you clowns kindly take this garbage to 'alt.stupid' or 'alt.bob' or
somewhere else? It really has nothing whatsoever to do with Devo.

(ob.Devo.tip: Mark was being interviewed regarding the tech changes in the
synthesizer market, he and Bob Casale both replyed that: "..yes, the newer
MIDI stuff was easily CONTROLLABLE, frequency stable, etc..but that the total
sound palete was similar to eating a bowl of macaroni with cream sauce and no
spices!" Apparently the boys miss that funky, ancient-Analog sound!)

<get-a-JOB! Buy a LIFE! RENT some friends!>


Subject: Re: bands comparable to Devo? Negativland
From: (Lou DuChez)

Well, tell me why some idjit from "" started crossposting to
"alt.slack" in the first place, where "Bob" and Slack ARE the topics of
discussion. You crosspost over here, I send back with SubGenius propaganda.
It's a beautiful system. It should also be clear to you, how to get me to
stop sending you SubGenius propaganda ...

("Fans of Devo", yet you don't think that "Bob" has anything to do with
the group. Tell me how Mark Mothersbaugh gets cover blurbs on "The Book
of the SubGenius", and mentions "Bob" in his tunes, and puts "Bob" on
album covers, and wrote an entry in "Three-Fisted Tales of 'Bob'" ...)


Subject: Re: bands comparable to Devo? Negativland
From: (Lou DuChez)

> The point, gentlemen, is will you cut us some slack and
> take this drivel to 'alt.bob.d' or wherever such discussions
> are the topic?

I'm monitoring alt.slack and will be happy to carry it only there.

As far as the relevance to "Devo", here's a significant difference
between Devo and Negativland: to my knowledge, Devo never ripped off
the Church of the SubGenius. That makes them markedly cooler.


Subject: Re: bands comparable to Devo? Negativland
From: (Cliff Heller)

Well DEVO never ripped off U2 either. YOU make the call.

/ \ Scribe fnord-to-the-power-of-fnord


Subject: Re: bands comparable to Devo? Negativland
From: (Jarrin M Jambik)

>>...and puts "Bob" on album covers...

>What album covers would that be???

RE: "For "BOB," my friend, "BOB" is a SEX GOD. "Bob," in fact, IS SEX:
an all-encompassing sex that is the very In-ness and Surrounding-ness of
the UNION of both the lingam and the yoni." The "Book of the SubGenius"
(p. 23) has this subscript:
3. This information is airbrushed into the hairdos of the members of the
band DEVO on the cover of their fourth album, and is backtracked into the
disco 'muzak' of the Glassmadness album, Do The Sexy "Bob".

Informative mode: OFF.


Subject: Devo/Subg connections
From: (Cliff Heller) (Michael Watters) writes:

>I know that Mark was a contributer to a couple of the SubGenious books, and
>that a picture of BOB hangs on the wall of Ken & Barbie's living room in the
>video for "Love w/o Anger", but I CAN'T think of any song that refers to
>Bob, the Subgenius, or any of the usual Subgenius babble.

The video for Love w/o Anger was done by Stang. That's the real connection
there. I think "Through Being Cool" has a strong Subg theme.

What is the correct lyric in that song? I always heard it as:

"Spank the pinks who try to drive you nuts"

"Time Out For Fun" always reminded me of Stangs "world of the future" video
that most of you have not even seen, except as snippets in the "Arise"
video tape.

Most of you talk down on Smooth Noodle Maps but it's only because you don't
understand. "Pink Jazz Trancers" is pure SubStuff, and not just because
the word "Pink" is in the title.

/ \ Scribe fnord-to-the-power-of-fnord
/<0>\ International Secular Atavism.
/ \ Jesus had a tail!
/_______\ Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny!


From: "Terrence M. Ryan" <>


How did all this stuff happen to get here to begin with. I haven't seen
a post in here for quite awhile, and now that there is, I miss the
peaceful tranquility of the empty devo board I once new. It was all
very... DEVO.


By the way, if you are truly interested in bands comparable to, ripping
off, or inspired by the almighty spuds, you should keep an eye out for
REVO, a computer based band from Pittsburgh, PA. Send e-mail to:

O.R.I. Attention REVO Science Team:

They have a cd coming out soon but I con't recall the label's name.
It's real small but you may be able to find it in your local
non-commercial record store.



Subject: Uhh.. this is the devo board, right?
From: "Terrence M. Ryan" <>

Um, Bob's great, I like him a lot and everything and I know about the
devo/subgenius "connection" but I still fail to see the revelence of
these postings here. I keep thinking to myself, "Wow, people are
finally writing about DEVO!" and then I read these postings about"What a
Pink Boy, You Are" and "I got more slack than you! Hell, I got more
slack then Stang!" and the like.

Now I know you Bobites have at least three or four newsgroups of your
own that I used to subscribe to but couldn't stand to read because of
all the nauseating dribble (like the stuff that is now littering the
once pristine DEVO bboard.

Please take your petty name calling back to your own board.

Terrence "Thru bein' cool" Ryan


Subject: Re: Duh...(was RE: uhh...)
From: (Jim Schmidt)

SubGStang1 <> wrote:
>In article <3avu0k$>, (Jim
>Schmidt) writes:
>" Take your
>little Devo-tee whinings and keep them in your pretty little newsgroup,
>cause we gots more important things to talk about than goofballs with
>flowerpots on their heads who haven't even been seen in the industry in
>"Bob" knows how long (unless you count the "What ever hapened to..."
>segments they play on yuppie music channels)."
>Now, now... let's show some fucking respect. Like Jesus or Koresh, or
>Dobbs, DEVO shouldn't be judged by its fans. DEVO was and is still an
>integral part of any hate-filled mutant's moral upbringing. Not to mention
>musical upbringing -- they're the most ripped-off band in the universe.
>They INVENTED music videos (and are probably trying to live it down) and
>half the "sounds" you hear every day. So what if they aren't a going
>concern in concert. You should be fucking thankful that JOCKO HOMO ever
>came to exist, much less made it to lp. DEVO is one of Dobbs' most
>successful experiments and DON'T YOU FUCKING FORGET IT!!! Not only that,
>but Mark Mothersbaugh's common-law "wife" Nancye Fergusen is a BABE!! Eat
>your heart out.
>Rev. Ivan "Howard Stern Wannabe" Stang

<cough, cough...> <brushing away the smoke> Wow... stick a fork in me, I
think I'm done!

Sorry... never did the Devo thing myself, guess I got a little too personal.
Anyway, i think I paid for that little flame I sent: I fergot to take
the misc.test out of the header when I sent it, and got my mailbox
flooded with test replies from all over the world! Over 80K of "DON'T
PANIC!!" from all acrosss the globe! Laughed my ass off when I figured
out what I did...
They were using treadmills way back when to simulate walking while
they did "Working In A Coal Mine". Madonna later ripped them off
and used treadmills on her stage.

* 1st 2.00b #567 * "Stupid bug! You go squish now!" -- Homer Simpson


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