The Monkee's Mr. Bob Dobolina

From: (Andrew Bulhak)
Date: 24 Nov 1994

Brian R. Hunt ( wrote:
: Several people have mentioned who does the song, just thought I'd
: mention that the "Mr. Dobolina Mr. Bob Dobolina" vocal sample is from
: a Monkees song, called "Zilch" I think.

Is that a reference to J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, by any chance?
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Subject: Re: Mr. Dobolina, Mr. Bob Dobolina???
From: (SubGStang1)

It is indeed. Dobbs was the original investor in and originator of The Monkees
concept, though he kept his and BobCo's names out of it. It was one of his
experiments, like DEVO.

Rev. Ivan "The Historian" Stang


Subject: Re: Mr. Dobolina, Mr. Bob Dobolina???
From: (SubGStang1) (Thomas Terashima) writes:
"There's a Bob Dobbs Restaurant and Grill in Tuscon, this one
of "Bob"'s experiments, also?"

I have heard of and even seen menus from this Grill. Friends have been
there. They describe it as a sports/fern bar but not too horribly Pink.
The rumor I heard was that some SubGenius types started it many years ago,
but lost money (figures) and sold it to some people who kept the name but
made it more "normal" and succeeded.

The menu offers "Bob" Burgers and Connie Burgers.

This is NOT one of Dobbs' franchises. It's at best some kind of homage
although I doubt if they'd give any of us free burgers. Dobbs did start a
burger-stand franchise in the 50s, called BURGER GOD, which predated
McDonalds but was almost exactly the same basic franchise formula. There
were maybe a dozen BURGER GOD stands in the midwest in 1960, but the FDA
closed it down. It seems Dobbs was experimenting with the "secret sauce,"
using ergotropic substances in it, etc... he was seeking some kind of
'zombie drug' formula he could incorporate into the food. At this time in
his life, he had given up on trying to "wake people up," and thought that
making them more insensible to their slavery was the kindest thing he could
do. Unfortunately, he insisted on calling his burger "THE HUNGER FUCKER".
This was in the FIFTIES. He didn't understand why radio stations wouldn't
play the ads. The chain folded but Dobbs made millions off some insurance
scam related to it. It did take off in Brazil, where today "BOB BURGER"
stands dot the face of that country "like zits on the face of a Bobbie," as
G. Gordon Gordon put it.

Thanks.... Stang

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