Church of the SubGenius vs Kibology

From: (Carlos May)

lee s. bumgarner ( wrote:
: writes:

: > The Church of the SubGenius - the greatest of the thousand-and-one One
: > True Religions - has embraced the Internet with open arms, encouraging
: > all Ordained Ministers and Superior Mutants to GET TO THE NET with
: > all possible haste.
: >
: > The official Home Page for the Church, as promoted by Reverend Ivan
: > Stang, is as follows:
: >
: > <URL:>
: >
: > This page contains links to dozens of the weirdest, wildest WWW ever to
: > exist!
: My question is: The Church of Kibology is to The Church of the SubGenius is
: to ?

Kibology is to CoSG as getting your belly tickeled with a feather is to
being gang banged by the Elder Gods. Next question.

: Also, who takes who *less* serious, a Kibologist or a Bobist?

If I had any idea what a Bobist was, I might answer. (Does it have
anything to do with knives?)

Frater Frogalogus


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