Disputed Location of Dobbstown
From: sven.serrano@channel1.com (Sven Serrano)

LD>No, you actually have to send it to Kuala Lampur, where Dobbstown is

Oh, so now Dobbstown is a SUBURB of the the Malaysian capital Kuala
Lumpur????? You know damn well that it lies in unincorporated territory
somewhere in the Cameron highlands, far from kris-carrying Malay
authorities. Initiates also enjoy plenty of free-parking.

* SLMR 2.1a * What is the enemy of freedom? Concensus!


Douglas Adams' SubGenius homage?

Part II: DID U KNOW? In Douglas Adams' disappointing Hitchhikers'
Book #5, "Mostly Harmless", Arthur Dent (the "Mane" character) spends
most of the book on a planet where, for "some reason", the word "God"
has been replaced with the word "Bob"... So you have the populace
saying thins like "Praise the Almighty "Bob"! (Quotes added)" And
"Hail "Bob"!" And so forth...

Q: Did Douglas Adams do this by coincidence? NOT LIKELY!


MST3 Dobbsiania Explained
From: 76004.1763@compuserve.com (John Foust - Syndesis Corporation)

The Book and the Three-Fisted Tales have been an ever-bearing
blessing in my life, I read them again and again; they make
*more sense* every time I do.

I buy extra copies and give them to friends - for example, long ago I
made sure my puppeteering friends at "Mystery Science Theatre 3000"
had their own personal copies, which might account for the abundance
of Dobbs references on that TV show.


Best Friend of the Church
From: cyber_surfer@wildcard.demon.co.uk (Cyber Surfer)

In article <39je3j$5jd@linda.teleport.com>
house127@teleport.com "127 House" writes:

> It has come to my attention that a long time supporter and participant in
> the Church of the SubGenius, now gone rogue, has recently had a book
> published. It is called "Beneath the Underground" and was published by
> Feral House. It contains a whole chapter on how much he loves the Church
> of the SubGenius. Let's all give three cheers and a slap on the back to
> the author of "Beneath the Underground" for helping spread the whord and
> giving forth an unsolicited testimonial of the power of Dobbs in his life.

Have you read Rudy Rucker's essay about "Bob"? He claimed that "Bob"
rearranged his desk while he was out. The essay has been published
in Rucker's Transreal! collection of stories and essays.


Rudy's is a true story. -- Stang

Subject: Re: "Bob" appearances
From: tom@nucleus.com (Thomas Terashima)

SubGStang1 (subgstang1@aol.com) wrote:
: However, if it doesn't say "Bob," it's merely any old Bob. You know,
: "so-common-it's-cute" Bob as a loveable, huggable first name, as opposed
: to "Bob," the lurking smile behind which awaits TOTAL AND UTTER DOOM FOR

The flip-side of this is that many Yetinsyn ("Progeny of the Yeti race")
cultural artifacts don't even mention "Bob"/Bob/bOb or the SubGenius...

Rev. Stang has said that _Mondo 2000_ is the (I'm paraphrasing here)
first place that many latent SubGenius will find their links to the
underworld...I agree (for the most part) with Stang; however, I'll add to
that by saying that _bOING bOING_ magazine is the kid sister to _Mondo 2000_.

=W= ///Rev.Cmdr.Tom, sLACk sTATIOn zEBRa (tm)///


From: Stang

Funny, I just finished writing a short profile of the brilliant, mentally ill DISCOVERER of the Yetinsyny Secret, Stanislav Szukalski (author: BEHOLD! THE PROTONG) for boing boing's upcoming HAPPY MUTANT'S HANDBOOK. Rudy Rucker is writing a short thang about the Church for that same book. And his DAUGHTER is doing the LAYOUT. Small world. After all.

In working on the new Szukalski piece I discovered several OTHER scientific areas on which Szukalski paralleled Dobbs, especially certain facts we didn't even know until REVELATION X was put together. It's SPOOKY. Szukalski is probably still out there, watching us all!! And drawing pictures of us, proving us all products of ancient Yeti-rape... and trying desperately to convince himself that he's not the most Yeti of all the Yetinsyny...

P.S., also re: Yeti doctrine -- check out the psychological nonfiction book, THE THREE CHRISTS OF YPSILANTI, by Rokeach -- true story of three mental patients who all thought they were Jesus, brought together for therapy. Funniest book I've read in years. Anyway, one of the Christs developed an elaborate theory that (in 1959 or whenever it was) perfectly coincides with Szukalski AND Dobbs. Maybe "Leon" of Ypsilanti really WAS Jesus... and everybody tried to "CURE" Him!!


Subject: Church Mentioned in Internet Book
From: modemac@netcom.com (Modemac)

Books on the Internet seem to be appearing on the shelves at the rate of
at least one per week these days. One book that tries to describe the
Internet "culture" is called "Planet Internet." It's full of flashy
"Wired" style text and graphics, and it's more of a book saying who the
people on the Net are, rather than "how to" go online.

There is a three-page description of alt.slack in this book that proves
one thing: the people who compiled this book don't know a single thing
about the Church of the SubGenius. The book says that the Church is one
of those "inside jokes" that you only understand if you're a Net veteran,
and that the members of alt.slack loosely follow the dogma of Bob Dobbs
(sic). They quote two attempts to define Slack, and mention a long
thread that didn't even originate on alt.slack called "Having Fun with
Jehovah's Witnesses." Basically, the Church is summed up as a bunch of
rants that vary between witty, silly and incomprehensible.

Methinks it is DEFINITELY time to get things straight about exactly WHAT
the Church of the SubGenius is. It's time to start working on an
official FAQ for alt.slack.

"But," some people say, "posting a FAQ is so Pink! All you need to do is
send in your dollar!"

Posting a FAQ will get the basics of the Church down for people who just
think of us as a joke. Posting a FAQ will get alt.slack included in the
official list of Usenet FAQ lists. And posting a FAQ will serve to
answer those people who ask, "Who is Bob?" and "What is slack?"


From: sven.serrano@channel1.com (Sven Serrano)

Take a good look at the publisher and you will immediately understand
why. McGraw-Hill! Yes, the publisher of the cursed first edition of
the Book of the SubGenius, the clueless book pushers who couldn't market
or promote it, and who finally denied they even had it when people were
pushing money in their faces begging for copies!

* SLMR 2.1a * Tequila? I'll drive! Jalisco, Oct. 1958 ...

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