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SirWill1@omni.voicenet.com (SirWill1) wrote:

> Nicole C. Michaud (ncm5662@is2.nyu.edu) wrote:
> : But basically, the whole idea of parallel universes is a bit old. I went
> : to a parallel universe one time where they didn't have parallel
> : universes. See, anybody can make up parallel universes. Except people in
> : a parallel universe where there aren't any.
> How did you get back????

Sliders was the one TV show I watched last week. I actually thought it was
about half-decent. I was SURPRISED a couple of times. The alternate
universe thang is old, sure, but my 14 year old dafter sure liked the
idea. The second hour, with the "What if Russia Won?" bit dragging on, got
way too predictable, but the set-up was good. I mean, if you haven't been
watching Star Trek spin offs your whole life, and I haven't, this show
represented much better "science fiction" than the usual TV fare. I THINK.
I haven't had TIME to tube out the last few years. I recently dropped
pay-cable as a direct result of this Net world.

But Tarla's right, that old computer-animation "tunnel" effect is getting
DAMNED OLD. It's because "the tunnel" or "the wormhole" comes built in to
last year's fad video graphics generators. I used to be able to date a
movie by its lighting and grain. Now I date TV productions by the video
effects. And I'm probably GUILTIER than the next video engineer. You can
look at ARISE and say, "Yep, middle 80s -- that's when the Fairlight video
synthesizer came out." ($7,000 box that jazzed up video in ways that are
now painfully corny.) You can look at the CLUB NO or RANT N RAVE devival
tapes and say, "Early 90s -- the TOASTER years." ($3,000 video synth
doohickey.) These effects date a video just like haircuts do.

But at least we're AWARE of that, and thus ABUSE them to the HILT while
the abusing's good.

Speaking of haircuts and bad TV -- last night I looked at the first 10
minutes of the HERCULES show. HYAH HYAH HYAH!!! I couldn't stomach it for
long, but the All-American Ancient Greece was ALMOST to the point of
SUBLIME BULLDADA. Give it oh, 6 more years and it'll be a CHOICE nostalgia

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Subject: Re: Sliders

Sir Will 1 spooed:

>Nicole C. Michaud (ncm5662@is2.nyu.edu) wrote:
>: But basically, the whole idea of parallel universes is a bit old. I went
>: to a parallel universe one time where they didn't have parallel
>: universes. See, anybody can make up parallel universes. Except people in
>: a parallel universe where there aren't any.
>How did you get back????

ain't it obvious? I'll give you a hint (at least to how I would get back
from a parallel universe with no parallel universes). It involves:
2 live chickens
1 dead chicken
1 prairie squid
2 tranquilized Greys
and of course, the machine that moves you from parallel universes with no other
parallel universes back to your home universe...


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Subject: Re: 'Sliders'

jch9334@is2.nyu.edu (Kid Ginsu) writes:

> I didn't see "Sliders" but one of my professors, Pete Unger (whom
>I'm not trying to convert) likes to talk alot about parallel universes.
> I can see only one parallel universe. It is the one that defines
>the term "parallel" universe. Any universe that is not parallel connects
>with those that are. If two universes connect at 45-degree angles they
>form the shape of an X. Wonder Twin powers, Activate!

> Ginsu

Eh? There ought to be an infinite number of paralllel universes. Consider
1-dimensional lines in 2-dimensional space:

| | |
| | |
| | |

Both of the outer lines are parallel to the inner line. For the situation
of 2-d planes in 3-d space, or beyond, the situation is similar. Where
the difference is greater than one dimension (e.g. 1-dimensional lines in
3-dimensional space), things can both "not touch" and be "not parallel"
at the same time - they would be "skew".

Now, let's see. Our Universe is, what, something like 13 dimensions? And
when we say "parallel dimension", I guess we just mean a different set of
the basic four dimnensions . . .

Oh, to heck with it. Now I know why TV writers just skip the justifications.

I meant "parallel UNIVERSE", not "DIMENSION", but it's a real big pain to
go back and edit in this editor. Really, *vi* is friendlier!


Subject: Re: 'Sliders'
From: gilmore@en.com (Gilmore)

TarlaStar (bmyers@ionet.net) wrote:
: I must mention what I have discovered to be the ABSOLUTE WORST
: SHOW ON TELEVISION. It's so bad, that it may well be pure uncut
: bulldada. The show is called "Space Precinct" and stars some guy
: named Ted Somethingorother, who I think used to be on one of
: those Friday night soaps..Dallas, and/or its spin-offs. Anyway,
: this show is INCREDIBLY BAD. They have all these alien cops who
: look like they escaped from Sid and Marty Krofts, and they try to
: approach the whole thing seriously! It's a riot, if you can sit
: through the turgid dialogue and stupid plotline just once.
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So, so, so true. Sliders was just tedious, but Space Precinct...oh dear
sweet merciful electric "Bob" on the hyperpneumatic pogo stick of
G'broagfran. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW. You'll laugh, you'll cry.

If you don't have the stomach for it, you can soften the blow with what
my clan-buddies like to call the "Space Precinct Frop-A-Thon".
Basically, you sit down to watch the aforementioned televised
abomination with a large supply of 'frop. When someone says "it can't
get any worse", and then IT DOES, everyone must smoke 'frop (a sort of
self-defense mechanism). If you're still conscious by the end of the
show, well, you just didn't get it.

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