Xuxa and the Industrial Church

By sbjohnston@aol.com (SBJohnston)

Xuxa and the Industrial Church

One morning, while I was preparing mentally and physically for my
Slack-less dayjob, my daughter was searching for a kids show on television
and came upon a show called "Xuxa".

I was capitvated by the woman called Xuxa (pronounced shoo-sha). A
blond-haired, South-American nymph in a sexy
shorts-and-thigh-high-boots-outfit, speaking broken English, surrounded by
screaming youngsters.

I thought: Oh, yes! A kids show produced with Dad in mind. On the
Family Channel no less. How nice and naughty~!

Since then I've watched quite a few Xuxa shows. They usually combine her
singing 'talents' and production numbers with messy kids games (sometimes
Xuxa gets messy too! mmmmm) and even a Politically-Correct
educational-film that I can mock. There is a lot of strange stuff here --
Freud would have a field day with the children+sexy-young-woman+gooey-mess
images contained in this show

I even bought a Xuxa doll for my daughter (or was it for me?).

But what is the Xuxa -- SubGeniality Connection?

I have two theories:

1. Xuxa is clearly an X-ist agent intended to keep the Normals confused
and feeling guilty until such time as they can be harvested in 1998.
And, as a bonus, keep adult SubGenii aroused and their children

2. Xuxa is one of the many manifestations of "Connie" herself. Same
results as Theory #1.

What'dya think, Sirs?

Steve The Reverend Doktor S-bo sbjohnston@aol.com


Subject: Re:Xuxa and the Industrial Church
From: dynasor@infi.net

It's the first. The proof is in the high number of doctored scans of her
appearing on the erotica.binaries groups.

dynasor@infi.net The Doctor is on.


Subject: Re: Xuxa and the Industrial Church
From: mtownsend@interramp.com (Michael Townsend)

Actually, I believe she performs under an assumed name at some of those
new Stripper Devivals Rev. Stang's been putting on lately. At least she
should be. Anyway, them gals get pretty sticky up there on the stage, so
I hear. Of course, he's never brought the road show up here to Maine, so
I couldn't say for certain. Wait a minute, _I'M_ supposed to bring the
road show up here to Maine. Never mind.


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