Hour of Slack #1651 - HoarDerPerSavs

Live 2017-12-03 from Stang Ranch

59:56 broadcast; 90:53 Internet

The incredible rabble-rousing live devival rant "WHAT IF...?" by Papa Joe Mama highlights this episode and possibly this century. Believer-bashing rock songs by The Rainmakers and The Rudy Schwartz Project do too. We hear the opening installment of the third episode of Time for the Show, a scrum-influenced prodcast from, in this case, Faux/Chewley/Peas. The 1984 version of Mark Mothersbaugh weighs in on Dobbs Sex and SubGenius philosophy. Then there's the rest of the show, recorded at Stang Ranch with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in, but since we just got our copy of Horizon Zero Dawn today, we're going to keep this blurb short. There's some talk about about the Orgozmonic Chamber of "Bob" and Grampires, and Stang is divisive. There is an unusually long and rambling post-Show Internet-only conversation that stretches the Internet version out to 90 minutes.

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1 Disneyland Mission To Mars HoS Title 00:55
2 The Rainmakers - AmazingGrace-LetMyPeople GoGo 04:53
3 Papa Joe Mama sermon - Slack is Not 4 Sale 02:16
4 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Enhanced Florence Henderson 01:39
5 Mark Mothersbaugh on "BOB" 00:50
6 Mark Mothersbaugh on "Bob" is Sex XX 01:27
7 Lemur - Libertine2 00:20
8 Papa Joe Mama sermon - "WHAT IF" (from Pittsburgh Devival) 08:12
9 The Rainmakers - Renaissance Man 04:05
10 Time for the Show 3 segment 1 (Argus Faux, Fidd Chewley, Rev. Peas) 03:28

11 Live at Tarzans 2017-12-03 27:52
Coffee and Juno Reactor give Wei the jitters. Credits Time for the Show, Rainmakers, Papa Joe Mama, Lemur, Mark Mothersbaugh, Rudy Schwartz Project. The one time The Rainmakers were played on the radio. Calling Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Dave looks like Nosferatu. The giant pulsing vein in Stang's forehead. How ladies can distract men from their bad trains of thoight, like training a dog, only we had trouble training Buddy due to raccoons on the trails and him being a Coonhound, wanting to chase all varmints simultaneously, dogs strangulating themselves. Dave's twin brother and fishmonger grandmother, but can't eat Lake Erie shellfish. Toxic compounds from shampoo. The environment should get much worse very soon judging by current laws being passed. Litany of horrors of Russian Internet News. Fat old bloated tick-like short-fingered Grampires are running the government. The problem with Fellowship Monkeys and nuclear weapons. The brains themselves explode. Fukishima would never happen here at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant. Rattlers evolving to NOT rattle around humans, so they survive. The toiletary drowning. Hyaenas Port Zoo -- it's a chain. Jackelope World abusement park chain. Animixed life-size jackelope robots. Fukishima pooped in Alaska. Islands of junk in the Pacific. Orgozmonic Chamber of "Bob" -- horrible big beat-up suitcase in which billionairres like Trump's dad would masturbate. Billionairres can't have sex unless they inject rhino horn, tiger penis and rare Republican brains. Trump snorts a line made from a million Republican brains every morning before he tweets. Thanks to my training in SubG land I can imagine a LOT of stupid. Because she's not Trump. An odious trampires and grampires and Weiwolves. They make everybody else howl. The richest people could restore Puerto Rico with their pocket change! Why Dave's not rich. Why not Both when faced with choice between stark good and stark evil? You're gonna get both anyway. Accidentally doing great good in the service of evil. The tragic tale of the serial killer wannabe who put it off to invent cures for cancer and committed suicide because he failed at being evil. Dr. Penbroke Jafflerston. A young insecure fat nerd inside an old confident skinny hippie whimpering to get out. Why NEIGHBORWORLD is essential to getting you ready for no more real life. The PURE fake news where even your breakfast is fake news. Where do you think Obama got his Democrat brains to snort? The child sex pizza parlor chain, bought by Amazon. Stang discovers odd little magnet on his mixer, a cigaret paper holder closer, because Wei is a hoarDER! HoarDerPerSav! End of show, in Texas and Ashtabula, connected by magic. Read NEIGHBORWORLD, 122 pages long! A dime a page, each page worth at least a dollar! Rainmakers intro.

12 Rainmakers - Little Tiny World 04:04

13 x Post-Show Blather 30:46
Now we're back for the extra show just for the Internet listeners. The new Membership Packs with the new Glen Rose address! - and the toil required. All you really need is the knowledge that Slack exists and that you must already have it. Dave's news report on weather. Gray and dreary like the citizens. Texas winter weather just wonderful but summer is trade-off. Fatal Texas summers and fatal furnace failure. 1910 house, 1920 furnace. Freeze or burn, why not both? Must hold down fort against aliens,KKK members, wolves, bears, coyotes, snipe-birds. Texas Wildlife Dept. website shows Snipe Hunting Season dates. The Texas technique of lying nonchalantly -- Stang learned lying career from Pappy, Dave from being reporter. The upcoming shows with the grandchildren as guests. Training our own replacements. Stang's college radio show empire. Dave the Imperial Jester. NEIGHBORWORLD calculations. Sad which SubGenii have not ordered NEIGHBORWORLD. 99.9% -- they can't read a novel anyway. Republicans are against schools that teach reading. So divisive - they started it, nyah nyah. Stang's Boris Karloff imitation. Arsenic and Old Lace, The Black Cat. Boris Karloff as Superman. Whinding down show. Stang turns off music and hears Dave's BUZZ. Why it's called Tarzan's Radio Station. Listen at that buzz, louder than the buzz in Dave's brain. Brain buzz vs. tinnitus. The Trump Talking Heads video on YouTube. "Trump Talking Heads Song" and the algorithms will know. My Dinner with Talking Heads. They seemed an art school band. True Stories and the "symbolizes" in the script. Stang's son Xandy Smith's first feature SOLVER is being premiered and the trailer is out. Stang puzzled by video game problem - stuck in a hole in No Man's Sky. He's in trouble and he's ME! Stang's various other lives - race car driver, monster hunter, skinny warrior girl. Wei doesn't like zombie's but we're Walker Walker Walkers. Should sign off. 52 minutes! Buzzy, no music, but who cares, it's the Internet. The cramped nature of Tarzan's Radio Station. Why it's called "Tarzan's." The Little Rascals Radio Station. Station built by the Professor on Gilligan's Island. Mary Ann vs. Ginger vs. Mrs. Howell. Don Knotts and The Love God and how it inspired changes to SubG movie script. Have to go to bed now. Good shit.

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