Hour of Slack #1719 - The Liquid Logic of Lonesome Cowboy Dave


All the insane-sounding collages of "Bob" Dobbs bulldada come from the great Fernandinande LeMur. Some ranting about the War on God is by Stang and Einstein's Secret Orchestra in the Pufferdome at Starwood Festival of 2000. A Puzzling Evidence clip with Dr. Hal talking about the hot link of X-Day is even older, the 1980s, and we hear Nenslo's great song "There's a Feller Down in Texas", recorded at a big devival either in Portland or Seattle, in the 1990s. But all the rest is a chat with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, covering, as usual, everything and nothing.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro216 00:32
2 LeMur - PR_Gnus2005 00:46
3 LeMur - Bob_Song1022 00:33
4 Orton Nenslo - There's a Feller 02:46
5 Puzzling Evidence - Xist HotLink Bulldada 01:29
6 Ivan Stang and ESO live at Pufferdome, Starwood Fest, 2000 - War On God XX 02:23
7 LeMur - Bob_Song1018 00:33
8 LeMur - Bathroom_Problem X 00:13
9 LeMur - Bob_Song1014 00:23
10 Credits to Dave 01:03
11 Dave and Stang 2018_03_24 48:41

Calling Dave. Stang's moth-antenna-like nostril fronds. News: solar storms could destroy Internet any time now! Snake Pliskin's movie. Dr. Dobbs in ESCAPE FROM L.A, -- Nanzi and John Carpenter - mammoth cell from ice - Stang's Neanderthal teen movie fantasy -- Dave on biting the public - mastodons and human mountain climbers frozen all over Mt. Everest - retina scan for Alzheimer's - blood tests for human or part SubGenius or Sub/Neanderthal, go to Abortion Mall - aborting SubGeniuses - gotta release our valves, empty the flunads - Dave's hullucinations MORE frequent? - Edible String Theory - Trump's KlanDad - Stang now too old to illegally download software. Buying software seems so unnatural. Neal Stephenson and his goose quill pen. Young people and pencils. Spencerian penmanship. Lewis and Clark's writing: no spelling rules - like texting. Big languge of the olden days, small vocabs now. AIP press style - now reduced to pictos. Friends who have no computer or phone. But it all will be gone in massive solar storm, or an EMP. Neighborworld is laughably optimistic. Hoping to die before the last gorilla dies. For Legume, Thanos won! Avengers - they'll kill off the actors. Marvel movies keeping Stang alive. Now movie stars can appear any age They want them to. Nothing's really real. You can animix everything. Augmented reality glasses. Like Neighborworld. Ready Player One on v.r. - Columbus, Ohio in 2030 - the Stacks - Stang not cirtual, but stuck on the mud plane -- friends with microorganisms - the animals are not threatened by our pompous human conceits. Even after people are gone, still a huge planet, albeit like after the Permian extinction - no dogs - Planet of the Apes was ridiculously optimistic. Stang's doomful predictions as a Junior Scientist. The soot-covered snowball's been rolling for 70 years. Repent! End of the world! And it really is!
You can't stop the world from being a shitty place. Neighborworld discussion. "They'll think it's normal." Things getting worse - end of the world porno -

(could break here) President Coolidge and releases of gas? The gases are escaping, permafrost melting, ancient viruses, Wendigo - But at least we got a stinking show out for college radio. Spend our lives masturbating or trying to masturbate one more time. Americans vs. French stereotype. Americans obese, shallow, poorly educated, worse health care than all rival industrial. Must hate our freedoms to speak bald faced truth. Finns don't count. Finns are the weirdest weirdos. And Basques -- different language, think own thoughts. Stang hung with Finn The Large in Leipzig. Finns are completely separate. Hungarians also, and Uighurs of China. Wives are half Hungarians! We were trapped by Hungarians, Finns and Uighurs! Stang in trouble with some idiots for being too PC, with others, not PC enough. Stang's flagpole vantage point in the middle of the road but 40 feet up. Seeing the overall scope. Broader viewpoint than the milling cattle in the left or right lanes. Can frop up and walk the dogs any time, and now will do that. 45 minute show, tired, physical needs that must needs be addressed, undressed, unzipped, uncaged, set free... this 47 minutes will save the listeners having to listen to the GOOD music and FUNNY jokes... subgenius.com with all old shows - the good ones - It's REAL! No one else even remotely like Dave on the whole planet - you're getting window into alien psyche! The Liquid Logic of Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Getting Neighborworld. The WARNING! THIS SHOW HAS BEEN THE WARNING.

12 LeMur - Dont_Want_No_More_Bob 00:24

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