alt.binaries.slack wants your artwork

alt.binaries.slack wants your artwork

> From: (Modemac)

A new newsgroup is here on Usenet, called alt.binaries.slack. This
newsgroup exists for people to post digitized binary files of all sorts -
sound files, picture files, animations, programs and utilities, clip art,
and anything else that is out of the ordinary, unusual, weird,
enlightening, risk-taking, funny...anything that will make people sit up
and take notice.

This message is a call for YOU to upload your images and sounds to
alt.binaries.slack! By posting images and sounds to this new newsgroup,
you will be able to reach many people over the Internet and make your
message available far and wide! Post drawings and photos, and clip art
from your publications, magazines, and pamphlets. Post sound bites from
your recorded sermons, speeches, and musical compositions. Post
collages, drawings, and anything else that you want people to see -
as long as it's digitized.

The ultimate purpose of this new newsgroup is to make people start using
their minds and stop listening to the commands of the Conspiracy! By
posting your digitized files to alt.binaries.slack, YOU will be doing
your part to battle the great Conspiracy that tries to rob us all of our
precious SLACK!


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