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A few months ago, I sent an email message to Reverend Ivan Stang suggesting the possibility of gathering the various newspaper and magazine articles that have covered the Church of the SubGenius. A lot of stuff has been written about the dangers of this cult since its existence was revealed to the public in 1980, but these writings can be somewhat difficult to track down. Many obscure and offbeat publications have exposed the inner workings of the Church, and their articles have often been more reveakling and informative than those articles from big Conspiracy-dominated publications that usually treat the Church as "a joke." It would be a lot easier, I suggested to Stang, for reporters and others to do research on the backgrounds of the Church if these articles were easily accessible, through a World Wide Web page.

Stang's reply to my reply exceeded my wildest hopes. He sent me a package containing a HUGE pile of photocopies. The SubGenius Foundation has compiled an IMMENSE store of SubGenius-related media clippings...and when taken in a single, massive dose, the cumulative effect of all this writing is nearly as intense as reading one of the SubGenius Holy Books! After taking ONE look at these things, I knew I had to make them available to the Net!

The first steps in this direction have finally been made. I now announce the beginning of THE SUBGENIUS MEDIA ARCHIVE: a Web site for you to browse these writings at your leisure.

At the moment, there isn't that much to see there...just the page itself, and a collection of twelve stories. But I assure you, this is just the beginning. I have close to ONE HUNDRED of these things on hand, and I will be adding to the Archive over the days, weeks, and months. Keep checking in, as new stuff should be appearing here regularly.

In addition, if YOU have copies of SubGenius-related newspaper and magazine stories in your possession, please send them to me through email. I will put them into the Archive immediately! (Modemac)

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