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In the debate about the morality of the Christian god,
several people seem to show a rather unforgiving
attitude toward him.

As a Buddhist (of sorts)* I look at it differently.
If this poor sick god exists and actually
tortures people in a jail he calls hell,
he should be regarded with pity, like
all mentally ill entities. I would not
spit in his eye. If he put me in his hell
for not believing in him, I would still
try to detach from my pain and forgive
him. Many 3 year-olds are just as sick
and sadistic as this god, and I believe
that with love and forgiveness they
can become enlightended beings.

With love and forgiveness, the Christian
god can become enlightened and will
then lose his compulsion to torture people

*"You're running guns! You're selling dope!
What's all this Buddhist shit you keep spouting?"
--Robert Downey Jr to Mel Gibson
"Well, I never said I was a good Buddhist..."
--Mel Gibson in reply.
From "Air America," the most honest movie
ever made about the CIA



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